WinPatrol 27.0.2013

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News del 06 Marzo 13 Autore: Gianplugged
WinPatrol 27.0.2013
Nuovo aggiornamento per questo programma che controlla le variazioni apportate al sistema dai programmi installati. 

Il proliferare di utility dannose e pericolose lo rende un programma di grande aiuto. Inoltre offre la possibilità di tracciare i programmi in avvio automatico, i cookies creati e i tasks attivi.

Le schede Advanced e Active Tasks consentono, invece, di visualizzare, rispettivamente, i server in esecuzione e i programmi residenti al momento in memoria.

Note di rilascio:

*New*  Automatic Update Notification
The newest feature is one many users have asked about for years. While I´m not a big fan of software that provides automatic updates, making sure everyone knows when a new version of WinPatrol was available makes sense. Our new version will provide notification within a reasonable time and allow users to read about the new version before deciding to install it.

Once notified, WinPatrol won´t continue to remind you but it will update the information found under the PLUS tab so when you do want to upgrade it will be an easy option. Having the message on the PLUS tab/screen will also help remind you.

*FIX*   WinPatrol Crashing When Replying to ChangesOn Tuesday, Feb 26th we started to receive reports of WinPatrol crashing anytime someone responsed to a change alert message. This failure was originally thought to be related to the Tuesday Windows Update or other companies updating their software.

It turned out to be the result of a hacker trying to obtain WinPatrol data.  While our software failed when replying to changes, no data was lost and any changes will still be reported using this new version.  At no time was any personal information at risk. No Email,  passwords, credit card information was stolen or even available to any kind of attack.

Our new version includes a layer of protection that will discourage any future attacks and crash safely.  If an error occurs for any reason, Scotty will continue to be graceful in his behavior so other programs will never at risk of losing work currently in progress.
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