WinMaid 3.0

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News del 24 Agosto 04 Autore: Canaro
WinMaid 3.0
Nuovo programma con cui dovrebbe essere possibile combattere gli spyware e tutti quei programmi che si vogliono installare all'insapuita dell'utente. Caratteristiche:Remote Admin- You can setup WinMaid so another user on the internet can connect and help fix your PC. What dose that mean, if your the administrator for a network with more then a few PCs then you can clean each computer without having to leave your work station, just have WinMaid running on the workstation with "Allow Remote Admin" cut on.Custom Watches- this option allows you to look for certian words that might show up in "Location", "Program Path", or "Company Name."Log File- now "WinMaid" creates a log of any item that was deleted during the clean up process. Also any file deleted gets put into a folder called "Backup" in the "WinMaid" program path.Save to File- with this option you can save your list to file for another person to look at.Load from File- with this option you can load a file sent by someone else and mark the items that need to be deleted. (Then you can send it back and have your selections already marked for delete.)Tips and Tricks- this is a very simple help section, that is powered by a text file called "tips.txt", there will be an update for this file shortly.Simple HTTP server- Allows you to share your results to other people on the internet. Suggest Spyware/Virus automatically-. (This option is greatly improved once a "Clean Image" is made.)Clean Image- Is a file that you build to ensure system stability. 15 Diffrent search areas
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Categoria: Sicurezza

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 2 Mb

OS: Win 2000/XP

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