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News del 15 Novembre 01 Autore: eymerich
Rilasciata ufficialmente la nuova versione di uno dei più apprezzati programmi di compressione.

The international version of WinAce 2.11 has been released to the public.
The following issues have been addressed in this update:

Added an addtional column for the CRC checksum.
The layout of the options has been revised. WinAce can now be switched to an Windows XP look (optional).
Sfx archives can be reverted to simple archives now.
A switch has been added to the progress window when using WinAce from the context menu (without actually launching WinAce), allowing to close the window automatically after the archive has been processed.
Added "Create Sfx" to the tab for the default compression settings.
The font used in WinAce can now be set in the options.
Fixed the LED in the status bar.
When accessing an ACE archive, the AV status will be displayed (can be disabled in the options).
If an ACE archive contains an AV signature, it will be displayed for up to 5 seconds when extracting or testing the archive.
Change in the SFXOPT.INI: It is now possible to add line breaks to the Infotext (INFO=) by inserting a ^M code. Previously, the info text has been displayed in a single line. See the included SFXOPT.INI for details..
Fixed some problems with the extraction of multivolume ARJ archives.
The use of resources regarding the folder viewing hs been optimized.
Fixed an error in the bitmap viewer. Bitmaps are now scaled correctly.
Fixed an error in the registration process. In some cases, the "unregistered" tag still showed up in the title bar.
Setup has been fixed. In earlier versions, an error message ("The hilited file(s) failed CRC validation". ) was displayed if the shell extension has been in use before or during the installation of an updated version. Setup was unable to access the files ACE.DLL and ARCEXT.DLL. If the problem occurs, the setup routine will now ask for a reboot in order to fix the problem automatically.

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