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News del 28 Novembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Vuze è un client basato su Java BitTorrent, che offre download torrent multipli, queuing/priority systems (su torrenti e files), start/stop seeding options e accesso immediato ad informazioni sui numerosi sul vostro file torrent.

Presenta inoltre un tracker integrato che può essere facilmente configurato e pronto all´uso. 


FEATURE: UI | Added menu option to notification area to dismiss all notifications [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Added download name to sidebar tooltip as may be truncated in sidebar view [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Added some image types to the ´quick view´ feature [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Manual update option for DHT tracker [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Added current IP to transfer stats view [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Support the assignment of colours to manual tags [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Menu option to select folder contents in open torrent options dialog [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Added Option to use a single open torrent options dialog for multiple torrents [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Torrent options dialog now supports file priorities [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Automatic setting of decreasing file priorities within a torrent (based on selection order) [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Added session up/down stats to library views [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Option to edit trackers when adding a download [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Added ´open torrent´ option to tray icon [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Option to add peer(s) from peers view [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Multi-select files in the open torrent options dialog and move them to a folder in one operation [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Support Per-download and per-file alerts [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Some interesting config parameters (port numbers for example) are now exported into a readable file in the config dir [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Auto-tagging based on torrent tracker hosts [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Support tags on devices [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Support never-transcode as option for device auto-transcoding [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Added an ´Untagged´ tag to represent downloads with no manual tag assigned [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Added script actions as options for downloading/seeding complete events [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Added ability to set a download´s tags in the open torrent options dialog [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Option to set a tag´s initial save location [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Per-tag target share ratio [Parg]

CHANGE: UI | XML torrent import function was lost in the Vuze UI at some point - brought it back [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | Added download size to archived download display in console UI [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | Support maximising of torrent options window [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
CHANGE: UI | Basque translation update [Azpidatziak]
CHANGE: UI | Spanish translation update [Valtiel]
CHANGE: UI | Brought back the select all/mark/unmark buttons to open torrent options dialog [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | Brought back ability to set top level folder name for multi-file torrents [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | Non-simple torrents with a singel file were displaying inconsistently [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | Handle double-click actions in files view correctly [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | Sidebar download details order no maintained over restart [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | Scale minibar fixed widget widths to accommodate font changes [Parg]
CHANGE: Plug | Report removed downloads for a while in xmwebui in case there are multiple active clients [Parg]
CHANGE: Plug | Ignore any socks proxy when using loopback connection to analyse content [Parg]
CHANGE: Core | Disabled metadata exchange for private torrents [Parg]
CHANGE: Core | Improved performance of JSON encoding [Parg]
CHANGE: Core | Prefer UTF-8 over system encoding for torrents if it seems to be as good [Parg]
CHANGE: Core | Support more date formats when parsing search results [Parg]

BUGFIX: UI | Persist column add/remove via header menu [Parg]
BUGFIX: UI | Table structure change was losing a tag listener and subsequently failing to update correctly [Parg]
BUGFIX: UI | Multiple concurrent torrent additions causing duplicate dialogs [Parg]
BUGFIX: UI | Unloading a plugin was causing a second plugins images to be disposed [Parg]
BUGFIX: UI | Search bar was truncating long URIs [Parg]
BUGFIX: Plug | Magnet plugin wasn´t handling URIs with ´xt´ sections properly [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Removed blocking call to get public IP address from initialization path [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Downloads were being auto-stored in the wrong location [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Respect ´do not activate UI´ on download addition again [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Fixed end-game-mode looping bug [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Lots of minor fixes detected by Coverity static code analysis tool [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Improved performance of timer event handling [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Fixed ´upload only´ message support [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Prevent a hanging UPnP device from blocking caller [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Handle separators other than ´-´ when parsing port ranges [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Remove unnecessary retry on downloads that will most likely fail identically [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Alert audio files weren´t playing when contained in folders with certain characters in name [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Improved robustness of magnet URI handling [Parg]
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