Vuze Stabile/ Beta 8

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News del 07 Novembre 08 Autore: Bonovox767
Vuze Stabile/ Beta 8
Nuova versione stabile e beta, per il client torrent basato su piattaforma Java.

  • Core | Added Auto Starting rule to seed large swarms first; useful when many overseeded torrents are in the queue or the upload capacity is far above average
  • UIv3 | Friend Chat (double click on friend icon to chat)
  • UIv3 | Ability to share content from your computer by dragging it to a Friend
  • UI | Protocol overhead is now shown in the speed graph
  • UI | Downloads can now be moved and renamed while running - torrent will be auto-paused
  • UI | New "rename" action which renames torrent file, save file and displayed name at same time
  • UI | Plugin log views now support autoscrolling, pausing and regex filtering
  • UI | Plugin menu items which in the right-click menu now appear in the "Torrent" menu also
  • UIv3 | Experimental option to use Mozilla/Firefox as browser widget on any platform (XulRunner or Firefox 3 must be installed)
  • Plug | Added support for plugins to easily use an external configuration file for settings
  • Plug | Plugins can now have full control over on-complete and on-removal file moving
  • Plug | Added resource downloader to provide way to download files from Sourceforge
  • Plug | Added API methods to generically pop up the message box to a user
  • Plug | Added API methods to listen to download-complete events
  • Plug | Added various convenience methods for using log views and config models
  • Plug | Added API to allow native UI objects to be added to config views
  • Plug | Added some more methods for plugins to control some transport mechanisms
  • Plug | Added ability to add menus to status entry objects
  • Plug | Plugins can now open files using default application handlers

Versione Stabile

Versione Beta 8
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Adware

Dimensioni: 11.8 Mb

OS: Windows

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