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News del 26 Ottobre 01 Autore: Antares
<img src="" align="right">Visualize Software, dopo <a href="" target="_blank">VisualICE Report Utility</a> ha rilasciato VisualZone Report Utility, una interessante utility di intrusion analyser per Zone Alarm e Zone Alarm Pro.<br> <br> Alcune caratteristiche del programma<br> <br> <b>Backtrace</b><br> Backtrace is a powerful information gathering tool.<br> The backtrace function starts by doing a reverse lookup on the intruder's IP address to find its DNS name.<br> <br> <b>Abuse notification</b><br> If you have had enough of a hacker, you probably want to report his behaviour to the proper authorities. VisualZone makes this easy.<br> <br> <b>Who Is</b> <br> If you decide to report a hacker, you should do so to the Internet Service Provider of the hacker. To find out who that Internet Service Provider is, open the attack details form and choose "WhoIs". <br> <br> <b>Geographical Location Information</b><br> VisualZone has a really cool lookup feature that displays a map of the part of the world where the intruder is located.<br> <br> <b>HTTP and FTP</b><br> VisualZone can try to establish a direct HTTP or FTP connection to the IP address of the attacker.<br> <br> <b>SPAMCOP.NET Lookup</b><br> This service allows you to gather more information about the intruder. Spamcop can function as an alternative to the WhoIs feature of VisualZone.<br> <br> <b>Google Groups search</b><br> Want to know more about a hacker? Click on the link to the Google Groups search website and enter some information about the hacker, for instance his name. If at any time in the past, this hacker has ever posted a message in any newsgroup, you will know his E-mail address!<br> <br> <b>Freeware compatibile con Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000</b><br> <br> <img src="" align="absmiddle"> <a href="" target="_blank">Home</a><br> <br> <img src="" align="absmiddle"> <a href="" target="_blank">Info</a><br> <br> <img src="" align="absmiddle"> <a href="" target="_blank">Screenshot</a><br> <br> <img src="" align="absmiddle"> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="immf.php?image=occhioride.gif" border="0" alt="">ownload</a>
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