VirtualBox 4.1.10-76795

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News del 13 Marzo 12 Autore: Gianplugged
VirtualBox 4.1.10-76795
VirtualBox è un software di virtualizzazione distribuito secondo i termini della GNU General Public License, per architettura x86 che supporta Windows, GNU/Linux e Mac OS X come sistemi operativi host, ed è in grado di eseguire Windows, GNU/Linux, OS/2 Warp, OpenBSD e FreeBSD come sistemi operativi guest.


This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

GUI: if 3D support on the host is not available for some reason, do not only disable this VM setting but also uncheck the checkbox

VMM: fixed a potential problem causing to schedule interrupts during SYSEXIT right after STI

VMM: fixed a potential guest memory corruption issue with page fusion

VMM: adjusted the module matching algorithm for page fusion a little, generally resulting in slightly more shared pages

Main: host interfaces no longer have "defaults" for IP address and network mask attributes

Main: don´t depend on a password for certain guest control operations (bug #10030)

3D Support: fixed Windows XP hosts support (4.1.8 regression; bugs #10071 and #10088)

3D Support: rendering fixes for Linux hosts with NVIDIA graphics

3D Support: fixed saved state issues (4.1.8 regression; bug #10126)

3D Support: WDDM driver: fixed powershell_ise crashes (bug #10167), make WPF-based apps work with Aero enabled, 

fixed additional possible WinSAT crashes

VRDP: fixed remote clipboard compatibility issues with some clients

Storage: fixed a possible data corruption when compacting VDI or VHD images with snapshots (32-bit hosts only)

iSCSI: fixed crash when using incorrect credentials when authenticating with a LIO target (bug #10173)

Serial: don´t abort in host mode under rare error conditions (non-Windows hosts only)

SDK: actually ship current C bindings

SDK: fixed the Java glue code for JDK 1.7.0 (bug #9848)

SDK: added Python example

Metrics: make metrics collection more robust regarding blocked VMs

Web service: added SSL/TLS support

VBoxShell: fixed Guest Additions information lookup

Solaris installer: fixed dependency checking while installing VirtualBox in a zone

Linux hosts/guests: Linux 3.3-rc1 compile fixes

Solaris hosts: fixed debug kernel panics while opening module CTF data (bug #9591)

Mac OS X hosts: fixed Python support on Lion

Linux Additions: make 3D passthrough work on OL/RHEL 6.2 (bug #10010)

Linux Additions: fixed missing implementation when copying shared folder data through kernel high memory (bug #9878)

Linux Additions: make sure all data is written when closing a memory mapped file on a shared folder

Linux Additions: added support for X.Org Server 1.12

Solaris Additions: fixed guest kernel driver to load properly on guest reboot (4.1.8 regression; bug #10113)

Solaris Additions: fixed missing 64-bit OpenGL library (bug #10151)

Solaris Additions: fixed VBoxService import and start for Solaris 11 guests.

Windows Additions: some Windows 8 adaptions

Windows Additions: several fixes for shared folders (bug #9753)

Guest control: miscellaneous bugfixes

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open Source

OS: Windows, Linux, OS X

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