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News del 12 Luglio 09 Autore: Gianplugged
VirtualBox 3.0.2

* VMM: fixed network regressions (guest hangs during network IO) (bug #4343)
* VMM: guest SMP performance improvements
* VMM: fixed hangs and poor performance with Kaspersky Internet Security (VT-x/AMD-V only; bug #1778)
* VMM: fixed crashes when executing certain Linux guests (software virtualization only; bugs #2696 & #3868)
* ACPI: fixed Windows 2000 kernel hangs with IO-APIC enabled (bug #4348)
* APIC: fixed high idle load for certain Linux guests (3.0 regression)
* BIOS: properly handle Ctrl-Alt-Del in real mode
* iSCSI: fixed configuration parsing (bug #4236)
* OVF: fix potential confusion when exporting networks
* OVF: compatibility fix (bug #4452)
* NAT: fixed crashes under certain circumstances (bug #4330)
* 3D support: fixed dynamic linking on Solaris/OpenSolaris guests (bug #4399)
* 3D support: fixed incorrect context/window tracking for multithreaded apps
* Shared Folders: fixed loading from saved state (bug #1595)
* Shared Folders: host file permissions set to 0400 with Windows guest (bug #4381)
* X11 host and guest clipboard: fixed a number of issues, including bug #4380 and #4344
* X11 Additions: fixed some issues with seamless windows in X11 guests (bug #3727)
* Windows Additions: added VBoxServiceNT for NT4 guests (for time synchronization and guest properties)
* Windows Additions: fixed version lookup
* Linux hosts: workaround for buggy graphics drivers showing a black VM window on recent distributions (bug #4335)
* Linux hosts: fixed typo in kernel module startup script (bug #4388)
* Installer: support Pardus Linux
* Solaris hosts: several installer fixes
* Solaris host: fixed a preemption issue causing VMs to never start on Solaris 10 (bug #4328).
* Solaris guest: fixed mouse integration for OpenSolaris 2009.06 (bug #4365)
* Windows hosts: fixed high CPU usage after resuming the host (bug #2978)
* OVF: accept ovf:/disk/ specifiers with a single slash in addition to ovf://disk/ (bug #4452)
* Fixed a settings file conversion bug which sometimes caused hardware acceleration to be enabled for virtual machines that had no explicit configuration in the XML.
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