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News del 05 Settembre 08 Autore: Gianplugged
VirtualBox 2.0.0
Nuova versione di VirtualBox, il software di virtualizzazione opensource, sviluppato da Sun Microsystems.


* 64 bits guest support (64 bits host only)
* New native Leopard user interface on Mac OS X hosts
* The GUI was converted from Qt3 to Qt4 with many visual improvements
* New-version notifier
* Guest property information interface
* Host Interface Networking on Mac OS X hosts
* New Host Interface Networking on Solaris hosts
* Support for Nested Paging on modern AMD CPUs (major performance gain)
* Framework for collecting performance and resource usage data (metrics)
* Added SATA asynchronous IO (NCQ: Native Command Queuing) when accessing raw disks/partitions (major performance gain)
* Clipboard integration for OS/2 Guests
* Created separate SDK component featuring a new Python programming interface on Linux and Solaris hosts
* Support for VHD disk images

In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added:

* VMM: VT-x fixes
* AHCI/SATA: improved performance
* GUI: keyboard fixes
* Linux installer: properly uninstall the package even if unregistering the DKMS module fails
* Linux additions: the guest screen resolution is properly restored
* Network: added support for jumbo frames (> 1536 bytes)
* Shared Folders: fixed guest crash with Windows Media Player 11
* Mac OS X: Ctrl+Left mouse click doesn’t simulate a right mouse click in the guest anymore. Use Hostkey+Left for a right mouse click emulation. (bug #1766)

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Licenza: Open source

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OS: Linux

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