Vilma Registry Explorer 1.3.7

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News del 25 Maggio 03 Autore: Canaro
Vilma Registry Explorer 1.3.7
Vilma Registry Explorer è un software che permette di lavorare sul registro di configurazione in modo più agevole rispetto all'editor standart di Windows.Vilma ® Registry Explorer is a powerful tool that will give to you the easiest way to rule all aspects of your system. You can create new keys and values, add them to the registry, or delete the existing ones. You don't have to make a backup of all your actions as Registry Explorer does it in the background. If you decide that an action is not useful, or is wrong, just open the "Backup" window and restore the item by clicking over the record. Importing and exporting data files is very easy. Registry Explorer has a new look. All tasks are running in the main window. No dialog boxes and pop-up windows. The search system can find a matches in all registry types including the binary data. And it is an extremely fast. The bookmarks support drag&drop and can be renamed. The help system is embedded inside the program, so it's use is much faster and easily
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware per uso personale

Dimensioni: 626Kb

OS: Windows All

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