VIA 933 MHz C3 Processor

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News del 20 Dicembre 01 Autore: Rostor
VIA Technologies ha presentato la sua nuova Cpu a 933 MHz.
Di seguito le specifiche :

VIA C3™ Processor
The VIA C3™ is the first processor in the world to be manufactured using leading edge 0.13 and 0.15 micron manufacturing processes, and boasts the world's smallest x86 processor die size. As the coolest running processor on the market today, the VIA C3™ delivers ultra low power consumption and world-class levels of stability. It is fully Socket 370 compatible and is available at speeds of up to 933MHz. The processor also comes with 128KB Level 1 and 64KB Level 2 full speed cache, as well as support for a 100/133MHz Front Side Bus and MMX™ and 3DNow! multimedia instructions, to ensure robust levels of performance for all the most popular mainstream software and Internet applications.
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