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VCDEasy is a Graphical User Interface for the VCD and SVCD Authoring tool VCDImager and the burning software CDRDAO. With VCDEasy do you simple author and burn your MPEGs to VCDs or SVCDs with chapters and menus (soon).


* MPEG Stills support in the (S)VCD authoring
* Some checks about some (S)VCD limitations have been added
* "Always on Top" added to the System Menu (Upper Left Icon) and to the Taskbar menu
* The queued commands manager has been improved to deal with skipped commands based on context. The first consequence of this is that VCDEasy will now propose to erase a non empty CD-RW during authoring
* I put the default burn speed at 4x instead of MAX, as using MAX speed may sometimes cause jurky audio/video
* Previously used CUE files (detailed CUE files) may cause CD writing problems with some CD writers while it works fine with simplified CUE files ("For_Fireburner"). So I introduce a new CD Image type option to let you choose which cue file type to choose. Thanks to "Bondiablo" for his investigations.
* New option: SVCD "Hacked" in the MPEG Still creation page (required for many DVD/SVCD players).
* New option: Show the "Update scan data offsets" warning even when this update option is activated
* Global code/events architecture re-designed
* The "Approximate CD size" computation has been improved.
* Display Improvements related to Windows Desktop/Font sizes
* ListViews and TreeView Improvements
* Spanish Translation by Algernon and Félix Argila García (Thanks!)
* Croatian Translation by Raven (Thanks!)
* Polish Translation by Cicia (Thanks!)
* Bug fixed in the XML generation, "Reactivity" was always set to "Immediate"
* Bug fixed in the MPEG Stills creation when single quote in filenames. Thanks to "Por Que"
* Bug fixed in the XML generation (occurred rarely). Thanks to "Magnus Johansson" and "Por Que"

VCDEasy v1.1.1
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