UltraTagger 2.2 Final

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News del 09 Aprile 03 Autore: Bodyzen
UltraTagger 2.2 Final
Una ottima applicazione per gestire i Tag (ID3 v1 e v2) degli MP3, ma capace di fare molte altre cose.....Caratteristiche:Supports ID3 tags version 1.0, 1.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 Note: v2.2 tags can only be removed, modified tags are saved in their current version when possible and new v2 tags are saved as v2.3. No support for encrypted and compressed v2 frames (almost never used). Can read unicode v2.3 and v2.4 tags. Get album details from freedb Connect to a freedb server through the Internet to download tag information about a complete album of mp3s. Can retrieve artist and album names, number and title of each track, genre and album year. When this is done you can automatically save ID3 tags version 1, 2 or both. Rename files using tags You can easily rename many files at once using any tag version. Choose one of the popular predefined formats or create your own. Guess tag fields Automatically get missing fields from the file name using the specified format. Encode and Decode MP3s Using the freeware LAME encoder, UltraTagger can produce high quality sound files. Save and Open playlists Use playlists to open all their files at once and create new playlists, supports "m3u" and "pls" types. Drag and drop Supports drag and drop of folders, mp2, mp3, m3u and pls files. Open folder Recursively open all files under a certain folder. Edit multiple tags By selecting many files you can change some or all tag fields for all of them. Play files Listen to open files using the built-in player. Capitalize tag fields and file names Quickly change song title, artist and album name to title case (the first letter of each word capitalized) or rename files in lower case, upper case, title case and sentence case. Remove tags Delete all tags in multiple files without effort. MPEG file information View information like bitrate, mpeg version, frequency, mode, etc. Fill tag fields using the other version Automatically fill fields using the other tag version, so for example if a file already has a version 1 tag you can use this feature to copy it's fields to the version 2. The opposite is also true! Copy / Paste all fields Using the menu you can copy a whole tag version and paste it in another file or the other tag version.
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Categoria: Multimedia e Burning

Licenza: Shareware $ 20.00

Dimensioni: 1.3 Mb

OS: Winall

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