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News del 03 Maggio 02 Autore: Capoccione

Ultra Edit è uno dei programmi più potenti per effettuare l'editing di qualsiasi tipo di file!
Queste le sue caratteristiche:
UNICODE support
Disk based text editing - up to 2GB file size, minimum RAM used even for multi-megabyte files
100,000 word spell checker, with foreign languages support (American English, British English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish)
Syntax highlighting - configurable, pre-configured for C/C++, VB, HTML, Java, and Perl, with special options for FORTRAN and LaTex. Multiple wordfiles available for download
FTP client built in to give access to FTP servers with multiple account settings and automatic logon and save. (32-Bit Only)
Project/Workspace support
Configurable keyboard mapping (32-Bit only)
Column/block mode editing
Hexadecimal Editor - allows editing of any binary file, shows binary and ASCII view
Named Templates
Multi-byte Support with Integrated IME Support

Modifiche apportate a questa nuova versione:

Bug Fixes
New file created on load not automatically being closed when file is opened
Fix problem with UNICODE and syntax highlighting comments
HEX mode not accepting ASCII character input
Fixed problem with some UTF-8 or UNICODE files being corrupted with extra '00'
Other minor issues


32-bit version with no dictionary files
Dictionary File in Italiano!

Compatibile con tutte le versioni di Windows!
Versione Shareware!
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