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News del 08 Luglio 10 Autore: Bonovox767
UltraEdit è un potente editor di testi che sostituisce il Blocco Note.
Versatile e semplice da usare, UltraEdit è l´editor ideale per testo, hex, HTML, PHP, Java, Javascript, Perl, ottimo per i programmatori.
Versione in prova per 30 giorni.

  • Key text editing features
  • Programmer´s features
  • Database handling features
  • File management features
  • Printing features
  • Text editing features (HTML, CSS, etc.)
  • Search and replace features
  • Project/workspace features
  • Editor display and customization features
  • Formatting features (text, XML, etc.)
  • Column/block editing features
  • Macro and scripting features
  • Advanced configurable features
  • Window management features
  • Help and support features
  • Additional features
  • Hex editor features

  • Significant performance improvements for FTP operations with large number of accounts (including editing accounts in FTP Account Manager)
  • Fixed issues related to Show Lines/Hide Lines feature in Find dialog
  • Fixed column marker issues
  • Fixed code folding issues in XML/HTML files
  • Fixed issue where stopping Find at end of file while using Perl regex jumps to top of file
  • Fixed application hang when dragging text to new location in file with "Show line endings" enabled
  • Fixed issue where saving via SFTP with ASCII transfer method deletes last line in file
  • Fixed display issue after copying/pasting data into files opened via command line wildcard
  • Fixed application exit on opening SQL highlighted file in localized versions
  • Other minor enhancements and improvements
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 15,40 Mb

OS: Windows

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