UltraDefrag 6.0.0

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News del 04 Marzo 13 Autore: Gianplugged
UltraDefrag 6.0.0
UltraDefrag è un software open source di deframmentazione avanzata del disco, alternativo a quello standard di Windows.


- the following translations were updated:

      Chinese (Traditional)

    - fixed bug #175 "End of stage shows completion at 0.0%"
    - log creation in case of out of memory condition added
    - performance of analysis for fragmented files count above 30000 was
      improved dramatically
    - the following translations were updated:

      Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, Iloko, Italian, Russian, Spanish (ES),      Spanish (MEX)

    - upgrade check now better supports development releases
    - out of memory condition handling added

    - Internals: changed definition of WGX_OPTION structure
    - WgxGetControlDimensions routine added to wgx library

    - the following translations were added:

    - the following translations were updated:

      Catalan, Italian

    - added progress indication to the taskbar button for Windows 7      and more recent Windows editions; it can be turned on/off by       show_progress_in_taskbar GUI option
    - file fragmentation reports moved from the root directories of      the drives to the /reports sub-folder of the program´s directory
    - added ability to configure the Explorer´s context menu handler;      an appropriate section added to guiopts.lua file
    - bug fix: UD_IN_FILTER forced to be not ignored when individual      files/directories are specified on the command line
    - bug fix: UD_SORTING and UD_SORTING_ORDER environment variables      forced to be set properly on GUI startup according to the Preview      menu selections
    - added prefixes for all the debugging messages for easier analysis of logs
    - Internals: many prototypes changed in zenwinx, udefrag, wgx libraries;      obsolete routines removed
    - winx_bootex_check routine added to zenwinx library
    - udefrag_init_library, udefrag_unload_library, udefrag_bootex_check,      udefrag_bootex_register, udefrag_bootex_unregister routines added
    - WgxSetTaskbarProgressState, WgxSetTaskbarProgressValue, wgx_sprintf,      wgx_vsprintf, wgx_swprintf, wgx_vswprintf routines added to wgx library
    - tracing macros for easier debugging added to zenwinx.h and wgx.h files
    - Windows Server 2003 DDK support dropped because of lack of variadic macros      support there - use Windows Driver Kit v7.1.0 instead

    - the following translations were updated:


    - all the disk processing algorithms were reimplemented      to reach better efficiency and shorter processing times
    - FAT optimization was implemented
    - ability to sort files on the disk by the disk optimization was added;      files can be sorted by path, size, creation time, last modification time,      last access time - in either ascending or descending order
    - ability to filter out files by size of their fragments was added      (fragment_size_threshold option in GUI; UD_FRAGMENT_SIZE_THRESHOLD      environment variable in command line tool and boot time interface)
    - ability to tune the disk optimization by UD_OPTIMIZER_FILE_SIZE_THRESHOLD      environment variable (optimizer_file_size_threshold GUI option) was added
    - ability to suspend/resume the running job was added to GUI
    - ability to minimize the program to the taskbar notification      area (system tray) was added; it can be turned on/off by      minimize_to_system_tray GUI option
    - MFT optimization was forced to do nothing silently on non-NTFS disks
    - quite useless cyan color removed from the cluster map
    - icons were redesigned to reach better appearance      on Windows Vista and above
    - high DPI screens support was improved
    - Internals: flags field removed from winx_file_disposition structure
    - many zenwinx prototypes changed by replacing short keyword by wchar_t
    - useless fat32_xxx fields removed from winx_volume_information structure
    - device_capacity field added to winx_volume_information structure
    - WgxShowWindow and WgxHideWindow definitions added to wgx.h file
    - WgxSetProcessPriority routine added to wgx library
    - Windows Server 2003 DDK needs to be patched in order to compile      the program; look at rsc/compilation.dox for details

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open source

Dimensioni: 680 KB

OS: Windows

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