Ultima RC per il Linux Kernel 2.6.35?

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News del 24 Luglio 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Ultima RC per il Linux Kernel 2.6.35?
Linus Torvalds ha annunciato Kernel 2.6.35 RC6, quella che portrebbe essere l´ultima Release Candidate del Kernel, secondo quanto fa supporre lo stesso Torvalds nel comunicarne il rilascio.

Il Changelog completo nelle info aggiuntive di questa news.

Ecco di seguito l´annuncio ufficiale:

Another week (and a couple of days), another -rc. I actually hope/think that this is going to be the last -rc. Things have been pretty quiet, and while this -rc has more commits than -rc5 had, it´s not by a large amount, nor does it look scary to me. So there doesn´t seem to be any point in dragging out the release anymore, unless we find something new that calls for it.

And one of the bugs fixed in -rc6 looks like it might be a biggie: the "enable low power render writes on GEN3 hardware" commit by DaveAirlie looks like it could be the fix for the long-standing problems with some intel GM945 lock-ups. So despite being a one-liner, thatmigth be a rather noticeable thing for people.

Other than that, it´s probably not that big a deal for most people, but the Shortlog (appended) gives you some taste of what´s up. 

Please test,
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