Total Commander v6.50

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News del 19 Gennaio 05 Autore: Alberto
Total Commander v6.50
Rilasciata una nuova versione di questo ottimo software che oltre ad essere un valido file manager - lo uso praticamente da sempre - è client FTP e tante altre caratteristiche che potete leggere <font color=red><a href= target=_blank>QUI</a></font>. <font color=blue>Presente la localizzazione in <a href= target=_blank><font color=red><b>ITALIANO</b></font></a> </font> <font color=blue size=1> <b>Changelog</b> - Thumbnail view: Display of miniature pictures for images and some other file types - Custom columns mode: Up to 29 different user-defined view modes with custom columns - Content plugins: Display+Search for additional file properties, use in multi-rename tool - Overlay icons for special file types like LNK files (configurable) - Automatic installation of plugins and languages when opening plugin archive (if supported by the plugin) - New configuration page for configuring all plugin types - Alt+Shift+F3 loads lister without plugins and any multimedia additions - Shift+button click on current directory switches to the dir part on which you clicked - Shift+button click in search on 'go to file' or 'feed to listbox' opens dir in new tab - Search for NTFS-encrypted files - Define different location of tree content files (treeinfo.wc) - Show current speed also when copying in synchronize dirs function - FTP: Support for MODE Z compressed uploading/downloading - New type of locked tab: still allows to change dirs, but reverts to tab-root when clicking "" or switching to other tab - Multi-rename tool: Multiple search+replace, search+replace history, button to reload rename results - F5 - F2 now transfers in background also for FTP uploads+downloads - New pseudo environment variables supported in path names, pointing to locations of virtual folders: %$APPDATA%, %$DESKTOP%, %$PERSONAL% (My Documents), %$PROGRAMS%, %$STARTMENU%, %$FONTS%, %$STARTUP% (use lowercase to access env vars with these names) - New internal commands (for button bar, starter menu and user-defined hotkeys) to change drives: cm_GotoDriveA..cm_GotoDriveZ, cm_GotoNextDrive and cm_GotoPreviousDrive - New internal commands cm_srcactivatetab1..10 activates tab 1-10 in source panel, similar for target panel. - Subdir filters now also work when copying (only files of this type). Syntax: Include: somedir1 somedir2 Exclude: *.* | somedir1 somedir2 - Synchronize dirs: Also allow to set copy direction of equal files (via right click menu only!), e.g. for copying them to a different location - Remember special display modes (thumbnails, comments, custom columns) separately per tab, and when closing - The complete list can be found in history.txt </font>
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 1,53 Mb

OS: Win 9x/ME/2000/NT/XP

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