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News del 02 Maggio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Total Commander 8.51a

Rilasciata l´ultima versione RC di quest´ottimo software di File Managing in grado di gestire anche il registro di configurazione.


This version mainly corrects an error with uploads to FTP servers using "MODE Z" compression, and with the right click context menu. If you use Total Commander 8.51, we recommend that you update to Total Commander 8.51a immediately.

You can download Total Commander 8.51a (Shareware/Update) now from our Download page!

The update is still free for all registered users (also of Windows Commander) - please check our update instructions.

New in Total Commander 8.51:

File icons are now completely loaded in the background, so they should no longer slow down the user interface
More speed improvements when reading directories (icons, shared folder overlays)
FTP rename file (Shift+F6): Show overwrite confirmation dialog if target exists
FTP: Faster upload in fast networks by using a dynamic upload block size
New in Total Commander 8.50:

File operations:

F5 copy: First copy all files where the user doesn´t need to be asked and skip all with errors, ask at the end
F5 copy: Option to verify files after copying them.
F5 copy: Option to keep paths relative to current folder while in branch view (Ctrl+B)
Select and copy related files, e.g. *.jpg > crw*.cr2 selects/copies raw files only if there is a related .jpg file
F8 Delete: Only warn at the end if folders couldn´t be deleted
F8 Delete: Always use new delete method when VistaDelete isn´t set in wincmd.ini, but show our own delete confirmation dialog if the system dialog is disabled
Support unpacking of more archive formats: 7zip, new RAR5 format, as well as -lh6- and -lh7- (LHA)
RAR with encrypted file names: Show archive content after entering password
Pack/unpack files: Option to remember last entered password until TC is minimized, Windows goes to standby, or the screen saver starts
Alt+F5 pack: New option to leave out the names of the selected folders when packing each folder to a separate archive
New wincmd.ini options CopyLinks and IgnoreLinks to handle file system links
FTP/file system plugins: When editing a file with F4, the file will automatically be re-uploaded when saved in the edfitor. No need to close the editor any more. Change via Edit/View options.

User interface:

Support for touch screen devices: Tap on icons to select files (configurable), long tap to open context menu
Support for high resolution screens (high DPI)
Drive drop-down list (Alt+F1/Alt+F2): Show links to "My Computer" and "My Documents" Configurable via. ShowExtraDrives in wincmd.ini
Drive drop-down list (Alt+F1/Alt+F2): Open context menu directly in the list without choosing a drive first
Show exclamation mark to the left of some options as a warning, e.g. that files may not go where the user expects them to go, like during copying from branch view, or when packing and unpacking
Show file size and last modified time also in virtual folders like connected MTP devices like Android phones/tablets
Button bar: Support multiple internal and/or user-defined commands on a single button e.g. cm_SelectAll,cm_Copy
Progress dialog: Show number of files/bytes in more functions. Switch to files/bytes remaining by clicking on the numbers
Show thumbnails in virtual folders like libraries
Option to remember position of background transfer manager in system menu (click on top-left icon)
Improved background copy dialog: Show number of copied and selected files and bytes, add button "Foreground"

Search function:

Search for text supports any combination of ANSI, ASCII, UTF-16, UTF-8 Unicode and office XML/EPUB at the same time
Skip a folder by clicking on its name in the status line (with confirmation). Also allows to just pause the search
Open in separate process via Alt+Shift+F7, so TC can still be used during the search
"Feed to listbox" also when searching in archives, on FTP servers and file system plugins
Search for duplicate files: Search by plugin fields, e.g. name parts, file extension etc.
Search for duplicate files, Feed to listbox: New dialog box to select files inside the groups of duplicates, e.g. by newest, oldest etc.

Other functions:

Compare by content: "Resync comparison from here" now also works after editing the files
Create/Verify CRC checksums: Also support SHA256 and SHA512 formats
Show hidden/system files now split into separate options for hidden and system
Option to get more items in various history lists, set via wincmd.ini: HistoryLen for directory history, OldCmdLineCount for command line. MaxItemsInComboBox for comboboxes in F7 New Folder, Alt+F7 Search, Num+ select files etc.
Lister, right click menu: Directly search for selected text via Google in default browser (configurable)

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 3.5 MB

OS: Windows

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