Total Commander 8.51 Beta 4

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News del 22 Marzo 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Total Commander 8.51 Beta 4

Rilasciata l´ultima versione RC di quest´ottimo software di File Managing in grado di gestire anche il registro di configurazione.


19.03.14 Fixed: Alt+F1/F2: Couldn´t access items "+" and "*" with keyboard when using Chinese locale (32/64)
19.03.14 Added: Also load per extension icons in a (separate) background thread to avoid slowdowns when scrolling (e.g. due to Windows Defender) (32/64)
19.03.14 Fixed: When using multiple environment variables in the same command, TC stopped replacing them at the first non-existing (32/64)
18.03.14 Fixed: TAR packer: Files >4GB couldn´t be packed correctly (32/64)
18.03.14 Fixed: Quick search: Problem with cursor position when searching for more than 2 characters of Korean on Windows 8.x (64)
18.03.14 Fixed: Could not enter RAR5 archive with different password than the remembered password. Reason: unrar.dll returned new error code ERAR_BAD_PASSWORD (32/64)
18.03.14 Fixed: Avoid "Out of system resources" error in mylabel control when dimensions are <=0 or too big (32/64)
18.03.14 Fixed: Find files, results from multiple archives, feed to listbox -> total size negative, number of files may be wrong (32/64)
18.03.14 Fixed: Always set XPMoveMethod=0 on Linux/WinE, otherwise the file may get zero permissions (WinE bug) (32/64)
16.03.14 Added: Multi-rename tool: Allow to enter forward slashes for moving files on FTP servers to other (already existing) dirs - do not overwrite existing files in target dirs (32/64)
16.03.14 Fixed: FTP: Rename multiple files with Shift+F6: Show overwrite confirmation dialog for each file where target exists, supports "Overwrite all" (32/64)
16.03.14 Fixed: FTP: Rename single file with Shift+F6: Delete target only if RNTO fails, not if RNFR fails (32/64)
14.03.14 Fixed: Folder size (loaded via Alt+Shift+Enter) lost after switching to other program and back when sorting folders by size. Solution: Make folder checksum independent from sort order (32/64)
14.03.14 Added: Use NetShareEnum to get list of all shared folders (if user has admin rights) to speed up loading of shared folder icons (32/64)
14.03.14 Fixed: Access violation when changing font and Uniscribe wasn´t loaded yet (32/64)
14.03.14 Fixed: FTP: Log loading of OpenSSL DLLs and errors, try to re-use dll loaded by a plugin from a different directory (32/64)

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 3.5 MB

OS: Windows

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