Total Commander 8.50 Beta 8

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News del 08 Novembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Total Commander 8.50 Beta 8

Rilasciata l´ultima versione Beta di quest´ottimo software di File Managing in grado di gestire anche il registro di configurazione.


06.11.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 8 (32/64)
06.11.13 Fixed: Search function: Support max. search length of 2046 characters also when searching for regular expressions (32/
06.11.13 Fixed: Refresh file list after auto re-uploading file to file system plugin (32/64)
06.11.13 Fixed: Access violation caused by TabsLimitLength<0 (Configuration - Options - Tabstops - Limit tab title length to -1) (32)
05.11.13 Fixed: Workaround to bug in ShellExecuteEx: Trying to launch file without extension, e.g. "test", would launch "test.bat" if present in the same directory (32/64)
05.11.13 Fixed: With AutoReUpload=1, TC didn´t suggest to automatically re-upload modified files to file system plugins (only to FTP servers) (32/64)
05.11.13 Fixed: Duplicate file finder, feed to listbox, select duplicates dialog: Option "Keep at least..." not working correctly for file times (32/64)
05.11.13 Fixed: Creating directories was no longer logged (32/64)
05.11.13 Fixed: Drive dropdown combobox: New entry "My Documents" wasn´t working when located on a network share (UNC path) (32/64)
03.11.13 Fixed: Refuse to copy/delete/view/edit files from archive search results if the archive was modified since it was opened (32/64)
03.11.13 Fixed: Switch to tab with previous search result from archive -> check whether the archive was modified after the search. If yes, return to normal view (32/64)
03.11.13 Fixed: Copy files from virtual folder (e.g. camera, smartphone) not working when cursor was on updir [..] entry (32/64)
03.11.13 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Could not abort deleting to recycle bin (VistaDelete=1), the abort confirmation was shown again for each group of files from a different directory (32/64)
01.11.13 Fixed: Find files, Feed to listbox, return to base dir with "" button or Ctrl+R: Support to return to FTP connections, archives, file system plugins and virtual folders (32/64)
01.11.13 Fixed: Ctrl+F FTP connections not showing any names when using an external icon library and Windows Classic theme (64)
01.11.13 Fixed: Find files, duplicate file finder: When loading a saved search with only "same plugin fields" checked, "same name" was checked too (32/64)
01.11.13 Fixed: Find files, duplicate file finder: Do not check option "same name" when all other fields are unchecked. Instead, uncheck "Duplicate file finder" when the user starts a duplicate search with no sub-options (32/64)
29.10.13 Fixed: Search in archive, feed to listbox -> do not show archive contents if the archive was changed after starting the search (32/64)
29.10.13 Fixed: Could not open any 7zip archives with characters from a different codepage in the path or filename (64)
29.10.13 Fixed: Removed the fix "23.10.12 Fixed: FTP proxy of type USER user@host:port wasn´t working any more" because the assumptions were wrong (it worked fine with Wingate with empty USER and PASS fields) (32/64)
29.10.13 Fixed: Search dialog: Still problem with maximized unexpanded search dialog when user moves task bar while search is open (32)
29.10.13 Fixed: Default of CopyOverwriteDefault is now again 1 and not 0 as in beta 6+7: When adding files to background transfer manager, the overwrite flags will be taken from the expanded copy dialog (32/64)
27.10.13 Fixed: Do not delete TEMP file when searching in 7zip archive after each file, only at the end of the archive (32/64)
27.10.13 Fixed: Still some overlapping text or cut focus frame in main configuration dialog (mainly seen with classic theme) (32/64)
27.10.13 Fixed: Find files: Show error and abort search if user started search with invalid regular expression (32/64)
27.10.13 Fixed: New selection option "corresponding files" interfering with user-saved searches with ">" in the name, e.g. "*.jpg > 1000kb": Use the entire name if the part until the last ´>´ cannot be loaded (32/64)
27.10.13 Added: Copy in background: When user closes TC and confirms to abort background transfers, show "Transfer aborted" in the title of the background transfer windows (32/64)

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 3.5 MB

OS: Windows

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