Total Commander 8.50 Beta 6

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News del 17 Ottobre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Total Commander 8.50 Beta 6

Rilasciata l´ultima versione Beta di quest´ottimo software di File Managing in grado di gestire anche il registro di configurazione.


16.10.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 6 (32/64)
16.10.13 Fixed: Standalone search window: No custom context menu entries from "Internal associations" shown (32/64)
16.10.13 Fixed: Force close background copy operations when closing TC (the user has to confirm it) (32/64)
16.10.13 Fixed: HTTP download, download aborts, but server doesn´t support resume -> infinite retry loop (32/64)
16.10.13 Fixed: Clear "All as Admin" flag when user cancels the launch of the tcmadmin tool (32/64)
16.10.13 Fixed: Delete files to recycle bin (VistaDelete=1), abort -> add option to cancel abort (=continue) (32/64)
16.10.13 Fixed: Watch directory changes: Block main thread for a maximum of 1 second at a time when there are thousands of changes (32/64)
16.10.13 Fixed: Copy files, click on "Background" then "Foreground" -> do not follow the deleted file position since all files have been unselected when clicking "Background" (32/64)
15.10.13 Added: HTTP download via Ctrl+N: Support servers returning incorrect headers, e.g. Content-Length: 0 but valid Content-Range (32/64)
15.10.13 Added: Updated tcuninst.exe to use latest code signing certificate (32)
15.10.13 Added: Support unpacking of multi-volume 7zip files, which are just regular (but split) 7zip files. All parts must be in the same directory (32/64)
15.10.13 Fixed: Port connection to other PC: Misleading error if USB driver installed but no cable connected: "Could not load port driver!" (32/64)
15.10.13 Fixed: Do not pass archive subfolder to external search tool (just like when calling the internal search dialog) (32/64)
13.10.13 Fixed: Use new default font (Segoe UI Semibold) only when TC starts with a fresh ini file (no section [Configuration]) or UseNewDefFont=1 (32/64)
13.10.13 Fixed: Made verify more reliable when using default copy function (CopyFileEx) with files >10MB (32/64)

13.10.13 Fixed: Lister, search backwards for regular expressions -> ignore results which start at offset 0 of the search buffer (except at the start of the file) to avoid invalid results (e.g. when searching for the start of a line) (32/64)
13.10.13 Fixed: Single click on file, Alt+Tab to other program not hiding TC window, click on same file again -> rename was started by mistake (64)
11.10.13 Fixed: Delete with VistaDelete=1 -> "Pause" button not working (32/64)
11.10.13 Fixed: Delete with VistaDelete=1 -> "Foreground" button not working (64)

11.10.13 Fixed: Alt+F5 pack to RAR packed all files instead of selected only with RAR.EXE 4.2 (reason: doesn´t like Unicode list file) (32/64)
11.10.13 Fixed: Select all files of multi-part RAR, unpack with Alt+F9 -> same archive was unpacked multiple times (32/64)
11.10.13 Fixed: Detect first part of multi-part RAR also by content (will only detect RAR4 or older archives) (32/64)
09.10.13 Fixed: Delete files directly, abort -> add option to cancel abort (=continue), the same as when copying (32/64)
09.10.13 Fixed: Move files on same drive, abort -> add option to cancel abort (=continue), the same as when copying (32/64)
09.10.13 Added: F5 copy dialog: Show exclamation mark near "Verify" when it differs from what has been configured in Configuration - Options - Copy/Delete (32/64)
09.10.13 Fixed: Pausing copying "As Administrator" could result in various errors, like all operations failing after continuing (32/64)
09.10.13 Fixed: Delayed copy not working correctly when copying a folder to a different name with Shift+F5 when using "As Administrator" (32/64)
08.10.13 Fixed: Master password could not be entered on Windows 8.1 (use allowhook=0 on older versions to fix) (32/64)
08.10.13 Added: F5 copy with verify: In case of an error, log the checked size, src and trg md5 values for debug reasons (32/64)
08.10.13 Fixed: Show "Not supported" error (instead of just beeping) when user tries to open multi-rename tool from inside an archive (32/64)
08.10.13 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Fonts: Non-English font names were no longer shown correctly (64)
08.10.13 Fixed: Progress dialog: Still various problems when clicking on bytes or files copied while paused (32/64)
06.10.13 Fixed: FTP upload in background (F5-F2) from search results not working any more (32/64)
06.10.13 Fixed: Cannot abort copying of alternate data streams due to a bug in CopyFileEx -> return PROGRESS_STOP instead of PROGRESS_CANCEL if it still continues (32/64)
06.10.13 Fixed: Center "Synchronize dirs" on current screen on first launch, otherwise it may not be fully visible with some screen resolutions (32/64)
06.10.13 Fixed: Changed behaviour of Copy/Move dialog when options pinned open: When adding to BTM, the state of the 1..8 combobox is now always used, except when set to 1 (ask), so when the user chooses a method in the BTM, it stays enabled (32/64)
04.10.13 Fixed: Create checksums, new dialog box: F5/F6 to select just the name/name+extension not working (32/64)
04.10.13 Fixed: Command line parameter FTPOPEN:Saved_FTP_connection not working with parameters /O and/or /T (32/64)
04.10.13 Fixed: Create checksums: Number of bytes checked remains at 0% after clicking Background->Foreground->Background (32/64)
04.10.13 Fixed: Create checksums: Number of files copied was only displayed after the first file was checked (32/64)
04.10.13 Fixed: Compare by content, pause comparison, click on size field -> percent value jumped to 0% (32/64)

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Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 3.5 MB

OS: Windows

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