Total Commander 8.50 Beta 5

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News del 03 Ottobre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Total Commander 8.50 Beta 5

Rilasciata l´ultima versione Beta di quest´ottimo software di File Managing in grado di gestire anche il registro di configurazione.


02.10.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 5 (32/64)
02.10.13 Fixed: Verify after copy error: "Abort" button not working when using old copy function (32/64)
02.10.13 Fixed: Verify after copy error: Show buttons "Ignore", "Ignore all" and "Abort" (32/64)
02.10.13 Fixed: Count dir sizes with Space/Alt+Shift+Enter: Do not count file system links if IgnoreLinks=17 or CopyLinks!=0 (32/64)
02.10.13 Added: 32-bit only (for test purposes): CRC create checkbox, 2 columns for checksum type, increased width (32)
02.10.13 Fixed: Delayed copy not working correctly when copying a folder to a different name with Shift+F5 -> save exact target name in list (32/64)
02.10.13 Fixed: Verify after copy: When copying a file which is changing (e.g. ongoing download), only compare the checksums of the actually copied part, so there is no error if this part is copied correctly (32/64)
02.10.13 Fixed: Verify after copy+append - progress bar wrong (32/64)
02.10.13 Fixed: Open 7zip archives with other extension than .7z (e.g. .exe) with external plugin if there is one installed for 7z extension (32/64)
01.10.13 Fixed: Verify after copy not working correctly when appending to existing file (32/64)
01.10.13 Fixed: Verify after copy: Warn if file size wrong (32/64)
30.09.13 Fixed: "Download from list" now supports line lengths up to 1023 characters (no error if line too long) (32/64)
30.09.13 Fixed: AlwaysCopyInBackground=1, click on "Foreground" -> Only one progress bar shown (32/64)
30.09.13 Fixed: Same directory shown in BOTH panels, WatchDirs=3 -> new file created outside of TC only showing up in one panel (32/64)
30.09.13 Fixed: Position of background transfer manager could not be restored on other screen than TC itself (32/64)
30.09.13 Fixed: Allow to open RAR files containing the string ".part" NOT followed by a number (32/64)
30.09.13 Added: Configure selection of files by clicking on their icons via main configuration dialog (32/64)
30.09.13 Added: Use selection of files by clicking on their icons only when tapping on touch screen: wincmd.ini [Configuration] IconClickSelection=2 (32/64)
29.09.13 Fixed: Verify after copy error: Title and text were reversed when not copying with CopyFileEx method (32/64)
29.09.13 Fixed: Error reading 7zip archive where the "method" field was longer than 31 characters (resulting in empty file name) (32)
29.09.13 Fixed: Move copy operation to background -> progress bar was shown for current file, not for all files, until the next file (32/64)
27.09.13 Fixed: Ctrl+L: Do not count selected file system links if IgnoreLinks=17 or CopyLinks!=0 (32/64)
27.09.13 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Verify after copy disabled if user pressed "Options" button in F5 copy dialog (32/64)
27.09.13 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Clear alternating display of file name/progress text when last operation is done (32/64)
27.09.13 Fixed: Directories were not extracted from 7zip archives with F5 (only with Alt+F9), so empty directories and directory attributes were not restored (32/64)
27.09.13 Fixed: "Remember position" not translated in background transfer manager - system menu (64)
26.09.13 Fixed: Could not open RAR archives in a folder named somename.part??? with ??? a number (32/64)
26.09.13 Fixed: Aborting copying during verification phase would abort without confirmation (32/64)
26.09.13 Fixed: "Foreground" button not working in background dialog when moving files within the same drive (32/64)
26.09.13 Fixed: Copy progress dialog could be closed via system menu without aborting the copy function (64)
26.09.13 Fixed: New CRC create dialog wasn´t centered on Total Commander (32/64)
26.09.13 Fixed: Windows 8: Re-opening the search dialog (Alt+F7) after searching didn´t resize the result list correctly (32)

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 3.5 MB

OS: Windows

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