Total Commander 8.50 Beta 4

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News del 28 Settembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Total Commander 8.50 Beta 4

Rilasciata l´ultima versione Beta di quest´ottimo software di File Managing in grado di gestire anche il registro di configurazione.


25.09.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 4 (32/64)
25.09.13 Fixed: Change font via Configuration with fresh wincmd.ini (Tabs never saved) -> tabs wrong (already in TC 8.01 and older) (32/64)
25.09.13 Fixed: Linux/Wine: Current file indicator (cursor) was lost after closing progress dialog, e.g. after file operations (32/64)
25.09.13 Fixed: Linux/Wine: No directory contents shown when Windows version was set to Windows 7 with winecfg (reason: Wine not supporting FindFirstFileEx with parameter FIND_FIRST_EX_LARGE_FETCH) (32/64)
25.09.13 Added: Windows Vista or newer: Use "Segoe UI Semibold" as new default main window and list font if available (32/64)
25.09.13 Added: Option to remember position of background transfer manager in system menu (click on top-left icon) (32/64)
24.09.13 Fixed: Drive dropdown list: "My Documents" was shown twice on Linux/Wine (32/64)
24.09.13 Added: New option wincmd.ini [Packer] PackEncrypted=1 determines when to check "Encrypt" option in pack dialog: 0=never, 1=when target contains encrypted files, 2=always (32/64)
24.09.13 Fixed: Do not try to open files with extension .sfx as an archive (could result in ´invalid archive´ error) (32/64)
24.09.13 Fixed: Copy function: Error dialog could show "Delete:" in the title when a file in a subdir couldn´t be read (32/64)
24.09.13 Fixed: Alt+F7 search dialog launched maximized would be shown behind task bar on left/right side on Windows 8 only (Win8 bug - only solution: fully maximize, then reduce height) (32/64)
22.09.13 Fixed: FTP: Uploads to IPv6 address failed in active (EPRT) mode, but worked in passive mode (32/64)
22.09.13 Fixed: F5 Copy of subdirs: Total number of items could be wrong (not counting the number of dirs in the selected subdirs) when copying the same dirs repeatedly (32/64)
22.09.13 Fixed: Total number of files to be copied shown incorrectly when using AlwaysCopyInBackground=1 (32/64)
22.09.13 Fixed: Error unpacking 7zip archives with Alt+F9 where subdirs are stored behind the files in these subdirs (32/64)
22.09.13 Added: "Select duplicate files" dialog: Changed English text of "Do not select" to "Leave at least one file in each group unselected" (32/64)
22.09.13 Added: Create CRC checksums: New dialog to also create SHA256+SHA512, remember option "separate checksum files" and "*.*.sha" when entered by the user (32/64)
22.09.13 Added: Show "Verify" checkbox also in Shift+F5 (copy in place) dialog and Synchronize dirs (copy dialog) (32/64)
20.09.13 Fixed: Crash in quick filter (Ctrl+S) in directory with >10´000 entries when pasting long search string and switching to other program while still filtering (32/64)
20.09.13 Fixed: Do not ask for password internally when unpacking RAR archive with external packer via Alt+F9 (32/64)
20.09.13 Fixed: Crash in copy function in second pass (null pointer) (32/64)
20.09.13 Fixed: Search for text in 7zip showed the total number of files in the archive instead of the number of files found (32/64)
20.09.13 Fixed: Search for text in 7zip files failed if the files were in subdirs inside the archive (32/64)
18.09.13 Added: Virtual folders like photo cameras didn´t return a "Date modified" field - use DateCreated field instead. Unfortunately there is no way to copy this date with the file (32/64)
18.09.13 Added: Show "Verify" option in F5 copy dialog. Option in settings defines startup behaviour (32/64)
18.09.13 Fixed: Copy in background: Reduce flickering by setting WS_EX_COMPOSITED flag on XP or newer (32/64)
18.09.13 Fixed: Do not append *.* to selected folders when unpacking with external rar, otherwise empty subdirs will not be unpacked (32/64)
18.09.13 Fixed: Opening multi-volume archive: User was asked twice for the next part if it was missing when the archive was opened, but appeared there later (e.g. background download) (32/64)
18.09.13 Fixed: When showing an error when user tries to unpack a deduplicated file (=reference to other file) from a RAR archive, show the name of the file and not that of the archive (32/64)
17.09.13 Fixed: Support for more 7zip self-extraction modules, starting with 37 7A BC AF 27 1C 00 04 instead of ..03 (32/64)
17.09.13 Fixed: Support RAR5 SFX files (self-extracting archives), open with Ctrl+PageDown (32/64)
15.09.13 Fixed: Unpack directory attributes when unpacking directories from RAR archives, even when dirs are already there (32/64)
13.09.13 Fixed: Clicking on icon to select a file removed all other selections in second, third etc. column in brief view and left mouse button selection mode (32/64)
13.09.13 Fixed: Lister - Copy to clipboard still not working correctly with Cyrillic text on Cyrillic locale with non-standard font and encoding set to ANSI (32/64)
11.09.13 Fixed: IgnoreLinks not considered when copying when CopyLinks wasn´t set too (32/64)
11.09.13 Fixed: CopyLinks option will now only be used if the target is an NTFS disk. Otherwise IgnoreLinks determines whether links are ignored, or copied as normal directories (32/64)
11.09.13 Fixed: wincmd.ini [Lister] Contextmenu1, 2 etc. didn´t work with programs and parameters. Specify like this: Contextmenu1=Title|c:pathprogram.exe parameters or Contextmenu1=Title|"c:path with spacesprogram.exe" parameters (32/64)
11.09.13 Fixed: Win8 only: Separate search process, click on "Feed in listbox" -> crash (32/64)
11.09.13 Added: Allow to see files in archives even when an error is reported (e.g. because a file of a multi-part archive is missing). An error will be shown with OK/Cancel (32/64)
11.09.13 Fixed: When minimizing file operation progress dialog and later restoring TC, the drive buttons in the main window started to react to mouse moves. Afterwards, minimizing again would sometimes only minimize the main window (32/64)
10.09.13 Fixed: When creating junctions/hard links, put /??/ also in "print name", not only in "target name" field, just like mklink (32/64)
10.09.13 Fixed: Could not create relative symbolic links when TC was already elevated or UAC was off (reason: TC created the target as a directory) (32/64)

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Licenza: Shareware

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OS: Windows

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