Total Commander 8.50 Beta 2

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News del 05 Settembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Total Commander 8.50 Beta 2

Rilasciata l´ultima versione Beta di quest´ottimo software di File Managing in grado di gestire anche il registro di configurazione.


03.09.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 2 (second try) (32/64)
03.09.13 Fixed: New tc7zif.dll wasn´t included in the installer, resulting in random errors unpacking 7z files (32)
03.09.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 2 (32/64)
03.09.13 Fixed: "Compare by content" called from overwrite dialog -> progress dialog was lost (32/64)
03.09.13 Fixed: RAR with encrypted headers: Archive stayed open when entering wrong password, could not be deleted (32/64)
03.09.13 Fixed: Save search options to wincmd.ini when closing the search dialog, not only when closing TC itself, to share with external search dialog (32/64)
03.09.13 Added: Also find text in Apple iWorks documents, except for accented characters - they are stored as e.g. "ü" (support may be added later) (32/64)
03.09.13 Fixed: Alt+F5 pack file with password, remember last password -> password forgotten after second archive (32/64)
03.09.13 Fixed: Possible floating point bug in unrar.dll -> clear floating point exceptions after each call to the dll and after DispatchMessage, only load dll if needed (32/64)
02.09.13 Fixed: "Watch directory changes" was losing some events (when receiving multiple for the same file), so the size of a finished download was sometimes wrong (32/64)
02.09.13 Fixed: Some hotkeys not working in duplicate file finder selection dialog (32/64)
02.09.13 Fixed: Some duplicate hotkeys changed, like "As Administrator": d->m (32/64)
02.09.13 Added: Make option to open launched programs on same monitor configurable: wincmd.ini [Configuration] OpenOnSameMonitor=1 or =0 (32/64)
02.09.13 Fixed: Search - Duplicates - Feed in listbox - delete some files -> dashed lines below the deleted files were lost (32/64)
02.09.13 Fixed: Selection dialog for duplicate file finder contained one untranslatable string (32/64)
02.09.13 Fixed: 7zip unpacker: No error was shown in out of memory condition, e.g. 1 GB PPMD dictionary in 32-bit version (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Option "Remember last password" caused problems when accessing multiple 7zip archives with different passwords (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Installer: German umlaut encoding wrong on page where the language is chosen (only on NT based systems) (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Lister, search text dialog: Do not allow to check "RegEx" and "Hex" at the same time (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Files - Encode files was failing because target is not writable -> source remained open and couldn´t be deleted (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Verify after copy: "Bytes copied" value wrong in background dialog (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: F5 copy with verify: Could not pause verify step when copying in the background (32/64)

01.09.13 Fixed: Alt+F5 pack big file, click on "Background", then on "Foreground" -> "Cancel" no longer worked (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Typos in history.txt (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Option "Remember last password" caused problems when accessing multiple RAR archives with different passwords (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Do not remember password for RAR headers (header-encrypted RAR) between different archives (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Could not open or unpack RAR5 archives created with parameters -m5 -md32 -ma5 -hpPassword (32/64)
01.09.13 Added: F5 copy, questions asked at end: If there is a dialog within the first 5 seconds, show it instead of postponing it (the user should still be there) - was 0.5 seconds in beta 1 (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Field showing current path (to the left of the command line) was too high, could overlap the buttons, mainly visible with classic theme (32/64)
01.09.13 Added: Turn off selection of files by clicking on their icons: wincmd.ini [Configuration] IconClickSelection=0 (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Double click on a folder icon selected the file at this position in the opened subfolder (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Select all files with same extension (Alt+"+") not working if extension contained a ";" character (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Properties not shown for file in TAR archive where the name inside the archive starts with "./" (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: F5-F2 Copy in background (queue) of subdirs would sometimes only copy the dirs, but no files inside (problem with copy mask) (32/64)

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 3.48 MB

OS: Windows

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