Total Commander 8.50 Beta 11

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News del 28 Novembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Total Commander 8.50 Beta 11

Rilasciata l´ultima versione Beta di quest´ottimo software di File Managing in grado di gestire anche il registro di configurazione.


27.11.13 Fixed: Removed expiration date from program - stable enough for every day use (32/64)
27.11.13 Fixed: Compare by content: "Files are different" could also be shown when reading from one of the files (ReadFile) failed in the middle (32/64)
27.11.13 Fixed: Windows 9x/ME: Unpack and execute of program in archive not working if the name or TEMP path contained spaces (32)
26.11.13 Fixed: Menu item Mark-Select group (cm_spreadselection) didn´t open the new selection dialog for duplicate files while showing duplicate search results (32/64)
26.11.13 Fixed: My Computer/This PC: Make sure the drives are shown at the beginning of the list, especially on Windows 8.1 where the list was mixed up (32/64)
24.11.13 Fixed: Search in separate process, for duplicate files, feed to listbox, exit search results -> previous order not restored (32/64)
24.11.13 Fixed: RAR packer: When using external unpacker, files with Unicode names couldn´t be unpacked (now works with winrar.exe or v5 rar.exe) (32/64)
24.11.13 Fixed: RAR packer: If user specified parameter to set list file encoding with -sc0l, -scal or -scul, then use that encoding for the list file (32/64)
24.11.13 Fixed: RAR packer: If user specified parameters in the configuration, the version of the RAR packer couldn´t be determined -> wrong list encoding could be used (32/64)
24.11.13 Fixed: View file from FTP or FS plugin - temporary file was unpacked to wrong TEMP dir _tcx, interfering with F4 function, when auto-re-upload was enabled (32/64)
24.11.13 Fixed: Error setting focus when loading certain search parameters via LOADSEARCH (64)
24.11.13 Fixed: Search for duplicate files, feed to listbox, search in results -> dashed lines from previous search were not cleared (32/64)
22.11.13 Fixed: Lister, find text: Manually refresh percent value after aborting search, otherwise it could show the wrong value (32/64)
22.11.13 Fixed: Search function: Start search for invalid regex in expanded dialog -> update footer and end message (32/64)
21.11.13 Fixed: Inplace rename "test" to "test2" -> TC created test2 instead of renaming (due to the backslash) (32/64)
21.11.13 Fixed: Cannot delete folder with trailing spaces to recycle bin with VistaDelete=1 -> instead, use old style method (results in two delete confirmations) (32/64)
21.11.13 Fixed: Delete folder "test " directly (not to recycle bin) -> also deleted folder "test" in same directory (with warning) (32/64)

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 3.5 MB

OS: Windows

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