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News del 20 Febbraio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Total Commander 8.50

Rilasciata l´ultima versione RC di quest´ottimo software di File Managing in grado di gestire anche il registro di configurazione.


17.02.14 Fixed: Opening partial RAR archive (or multi-volume with missing parts): The last (incomplete) file was not listed (32/64)
17.02.14 Fixed: Parameter FTPOPEN:configured_connection_name only worked on PCs with a drive "F:" (32/64)
17.02.14 Fixed: After moving files as administrator with F6-OK-Background, and switching to the target panel before the copying ended, the source panel wasn´t refreshed (32/64)
16.02.14 Fixed: Commands - Search - Advanced - "Find duplicate files" - "same plugin fields": No error was shown when the closing "]" was missing (32/64)
16.02.14 Fixed: After moving files as administrator with F6-OK-Background, the background progress dialog could remain open (32/64)
10.02.14 Fixed: Crash in synchronize dirs started as separate program, when overwriting files (preview images enabled) (32/64)
06.02.14 Fixed: Duplicate file finder, feed to listbox, select duplicates dialog: Selection by directory not always working correctly (due to uninitialized array) (32/64)
06.02.14 Fixed: Trying to copy entire drive (e.g. c:) from search results to same drive wouldn´t cause error message that this isn´t allowed (32/64)
06.02.14 Fixed: Couldn´t copy entire drive (e.g. c:) from search results with F5 - F2 in background (32/64)
05.02.14 Release Total Commander 8.50 release candidate 3 (RC3) (32/64)
04.02.14 Fixed: Search in Lister, text found, user presses F7 again -> do not use text selected by the search function as new search string, only when user selects text by himself (important when searching for hex or regular expressions) (32/64)
04.02.14 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, compare 2 RAR archives by content: Not working if file names had different case (32/64)
04.02.14 Fixed: Internal content plugin: Field "tc.dosname" was no longer working (32/64)
04.02.14 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Hide rename box when user clicks on one of the direction buttons or singles/duplicates to show/hide files (32/64)
02.02.14 Fixed: Ignore clicks on button bar when TC was inactive, and reactivating it shows wait dialog (e.g. network drive not reachable) (32/64)
02.02.14 Fixed: Search function, use list file @c:pathfile.txt -> drive root like c: could be found as file not folder, if previously found item wasn´t a folder (32/64)
02.02.14 Fixed: Refresh current dir with Ctrl+R would re-read shared folder status, but would not always display it (32/64)
02.02.14 Fixed: Multi-line tooltips for files and button bar buttons with VERY long names were not wrapped to the current screen width (32/64)
02.02.14 Fixed: Unpack ZIP with invalid local headers (stored file with size set to -1) by using the size from the central directory (32/64)
31.01.14 Fixed: Reading of large virtual folders (e.g. photos on MTP device) can be very slow -> allow to turn off reading of file sizes+timestamps: wincmd.ini [Configuration] VirtualFolderDetails=0
31.01.14 Fixed: Problems with tabs in 64-bit version (width of name column too big) (64)

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 3.5 MB

OS: Windows

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