Total Commander 8.00 beta 9

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News del 13 Novembre 11 Autore: Gianplugged
Total Commander 8.00 beta 9

Rilasciata l´ultima versione Beta di quest´ottimo software di File Managing in grado di gestire anche il registro di configurazione.


- Fixed: F5 copy dialog: Do not start operation when clicking on an item in auto-complete (64)
- Fixed: Command line: Do not execute it when clicking on an item in auto-complete (32/64)
- Fixed: Wrong progress shown when copying a folder where the size shows a question mark (=counting folder size with Alt+Shift+Enter) (32/64)
- Fixed: Ctrl+Z edit comment: Confirming new comment with Ctrl+Enter added line break at the end of the comment (64)
- Fixed: Lister: Selecting text by double click not working correctly in Unicode file without BOM (32/64)
- Added: (experimental) Compare by content: support files >2 GB (64)
- Fixed: Master password input: Turning off secure input mode now also allows to input passwords via IME (e.g. Korean) - this is not supported in secure mode (32/64)
- Fixed: Master password input: Clear the typed character before calling CallNextHookEx (older versions didn´t call CallNextHookEx, but Windows did, so other programs could see the keys too) (32/64)
- Fixed: Lister: Don´t allow to switch to display type ´5´ (html) while viewing a directory -> beep, switch to UTF-8 (32/64)
- Fixed: Some USB floppy drives were not correctly recognized (they returned media type 17) (32/64)
- Fixed: Lister: Switching to image/multimedia manually with ´4´ key -> plugin could no longer be closed with e.g. ´1´ key (64)
- Fixed: Hide compare by content window before re-uploading file to FTP server (was causing lockups to some users) (64)
- Fixed: Network neighborhood: Entering a plugin with a default custom view not working when in thumbnails view (32/64)
- Fixed: Don´t use VistaDelete method if file cannot be found, e.g. because it´s in a directory belonging to a different user (32/64)
- Added: (experimental): Quick search with Korean characters (mode: letters or letters with search dialog): Show IME window in lower left of the listbox instead of using a floating window (32)
- Fixed: Re-opening quick search with Ctrl+S would select an earlier quick filter string (64)
- Fixed: With InactiveFocus=1, brief view on both sides, switching away from TC and back could show the focus frame in the footer (32/64)
- Added: Lister: Auto-rotate jpg images loaded via GDI+ to the angle stored in the EXIF information (32/64)
- Fixed: F3 on a directory -> the display type was shown as binary instead of utf-8 (32/64)
- Fixed: Ctrl+Q or F3 on a directory -> the text could be scrolled with PageDown (32/64)
- Fixed: Inactive focus rectangle was drawn during copying each time a file or folder was copied (32)
- Fixed: Compare by content: Paste from clipboard not working with Unicode text into ANSI files either (64)
- Fixed: XP only: When using InactiveFocus=1, inactive cursors may appear in the active panel on quick search, when switching panels etc. (32/64)

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 3.17 MB

OS: Windows

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