Total Commander 8.0 Beta 24

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News del 31 Marzo 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Total Commander 8.0 Beta 24

Rilasciata l´ultima versione Beta di quest´ottimo software di File Managing in grado di gestire anche il registro di configurazione.


- Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 24 (32/64) 

-  Added: wcx_ftp.ini [General] DecodePercent=0: If set to 1, decode %hex values in user name/password in URLs (32/64)

- Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] SubdirCopyOrder=4 sets order in which files in subdirs are copied: 4=unsorted (default), 5=like active panel (no custom columns), 0..3 ascending by name, ext, size, date, -1..-4 descending by name, ext, size, date (32/64)

- Fixed: On Windows 8 consumer preview, Metro apps have strange DefaultIcon entries which couldn´t be loaded -> use SHGetFileInfo (32/64)

- Fixed: Some jpg files could cause an SSE floating point exception in Microsoft´s PhotoMetadataHandler -> turn off SSE exceptions before each call to GetInfoTip (32/64)

- Fixed: Background transfer manager: The "+" button allowed to add files from port connection although the latter doesn´t support transfers in background (it cannot handle multiple transfers in parallel) (32/64)

- Fixed: Synchronize dirs with plugins not creating remote directories if the used plugin only contained the Unicode MkDirW function, e.g. WebDAV (32/64)

- Fixed: Pack with password: Password confirmation dialog could be confirmed with ENTER even if the two passwords didn´t match (64)

- Fixed: Command md foldername  with space at end in the command line (e.g. from Ctrl+Enter) unintentionally created dirs with space at end. Use double quotes to create such dirs (64)

- Fixed: Hotkeys in dialog not working when focus on certain controls (e.g. checkboxes) when "Punto Switcher" tool was running (64)

- Added: Screen readers: Use same GetTextMode options also in multi-rename tool (32/64)

- Added: Screen readers: Made GetTextMode=1 (tab-delimited) the default (32/64)

- Added: (Experimental): wcx_ftp.ini, SpecialFlags option, new value 2048: Duplicate all characters with code
#255 for servers expecting Telnet-style escape characters (32/64)

- Fixed: Unpacking multiple archives to protected dir with Alt+F9 -> elevation dialog was shown only as an icon in the task bar (reason: TC window was given as parent instead of progress dialog) (32/64)

- Fixed: Unpacking RAR archive with Alt+F9 didn´t pass user-specified switches to external RAR (e.g. -kb to keep broken files) (32/64)

- Fixed: "Copy dir timestamps" was copying wrong timestamp when copying a folder with multiple subfolders (32/64)

- Fixed: No thousands separators were shown in copy progress dialog for number of copied files and their size (32/64)

- Fixed: Button bar: Do not show triangle overlay for buttons with command "OPENBAR" when "minimized" is checked. Leave out "OPENBAR" to show .bar file as menu (32/64)

- Fixed: Button bar: Right click on button: Function "Edit linked button bar" not working when using command OPENBAR (32/64)

- Fixed: Crash on Ctrl+PgDn or Ctrl+Q on EXE smaller than 2.5 kBytes trying to detect it as an archive (64)

- Fixed: Crash on Alt+F1/F2 in some rare cases (64)

- Fixed: The breadcrumb bar could not be closed with a click outside if a subdirectory was opened and closed with the keyboard (32/64)

- Fixed: Workaround to Windows 8 bug (failure to launch any EXE files from a directory which is a hard link to some other directory) by resolving the hard links before launching (32/64)

- Fixed: Detect Windows 8 also in system info dialog (32/64)

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 3.1 MB

OS: Windows

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