Total Commander 7.55 RC1

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News del 13 Maggio 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Total Commander 7.55 RC1

Rilasciata la nuova versione di quest´ottimo software che è un File Manager capace di gestire anche il registro di configurazione.


* Fixed: Port connection to other PC (LPT or USB): Server could crash when there were too many files with extra-long names in the visited directory
* Added: Correctly install and uninstall 64-bit cglptnt.sys (to be added later)
* Fixed: Synchronize dirs with FTP: Show error if "change directory" to given path on server fails
* Added: Use optimized MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 functions from DCPcrypt Cryptographic Component Library v2, Copyright (c) 1999-2003 David Barton (MIT license)
* Added: Check SHA256 checksum files (creation isn´t currently supported)
* Fixed: cglptnt.sys was not working when there are gaps between LPT ports, e.g. LPT1+LPT3 or just LPT3
* Fixed: Parallel port connection had stopped working between beta 7 and 8
* Fixed: More crashes when viewing files with F3 from archives and closing the viewer

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 3.07 MB

OS: Windows

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