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News del 14 Febbraio 12 Autore: Gianplugged
TortoiseSVN 1.7.5
TortoiseSVN è un client per Subversion (noto anche come svn, sistema di controllo versione sviluppato da CollabNet Inc) utile per tenere sotto controllo la modifica di software dati, documenti, immagini e file multimediali.


- BUG: Refresh in log dialog only refreshes the last fetched block. 
- BUG: apply patch from clipboard fails for direct items. 
- BUG: Overlays can crash the shell. 
- BUG: edit log message fails to edit case changes. 
- BUG: SubWRev fails when started from a short path. 
- BUG: CL client does not expand wildcards. 
- BUG: Bogus warning about non-recursive commit. 
- BUG: ´Copy all information to clipboard´ tree conflict information missing. 
- BUG: "Update item to revision" missing in Repo-browser. 
- BUG: Overlay lost on revert. 
- BUG: cache crashes with too long paths. 
- BUG: Result message box shows doubled entries when (un)ignoring. 
- BUG: "Show Log" missing from renamed/copied files. 
- BUG: Sparse update fails to fetch new items. 
- BUG: Long urls fail to checkout/export. 
- BUG: Scroll problem in TortoiseMerge. 
- BUG: filter highlighting fails with non-ASCII chars. 
- BUG: repo browser doesn´t handle redirects properly. 
- BUG: blame "ignore all whitespaces" uses -b instead of -w. 
- BUG: Properties dialog only shows files menu items.
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