Thunderbird 3 Beta 2

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News del 27 Febbraio 09 Autore: Gianplugged
Thunderbird 3 Beta 2
Release Notes:

Thunderbird 3 Beta 2 is based on the Gecko 1.9.1 platform including some major re-architecting to provide improved performance, stability, web compatibility, and code simplification and sustainability.

There are over 340 changes in this release, many laying the groundwork for future changes. Some notable changes include:

User Experience Improvements

  • Message Archive

    You can now file messages from your Inbox or other folders into the new Archive folder system.

  • Activity Manager

    The Activity Manager records all the interactions between Thunderbird and your email provider in one place.

Performance improvements

  • Faster Message Loading for IMAP

    Thunderbird will now download IMAP messages by default in the background to allow for faster message loading, and better offline operation. This feature can be enabled on an individual folder basis (via folder properties), or for all folders in an account, via Account Settings / Sync & Disk Space.

For a more detailed list of bug fixes, see the Rumbling Edge.

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