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News del 01 Luglio 02 Autore: Canaro
Caratteristiche: -for AMD socket 462 and Intel socket 370 -heat sink size is 70x60x78 mm -fan dimension is 80x80x25 mm -rated voltage is 12V while starting voltage is 7V -rated current are 0.18A~ 0.45A -power input 2.16W~ 5.14W -fan speed control setting 2900 rpm at 25C ~ 5000 -rpm at 35C -max airflow is 46cfm at 2900 rpm~ 53cfm at 5000 rpm -noise level is 27db at 2900 rpm~ 39db at 5000 rpm -two-ball bearing -life time is 50000 hours -connector is 3-pinned -has a copper base insert Conclusioni: By looking at the results you can clearly see the performance increase we were able to achieve after installing the Volcano 7. The only thing we would have liked to see would have been a full copper base rather than just a slug. The sensor was a nice touch but wasn’t enough for us to over look it’s short comings. In the last few days I have been looking at the 7+ which is also available at If you’re on a fixed budget then go for this guy, $20. to bring your CPU down 10degrees is not a bad handoff, but if you can afford it go for the newer 7+. Again many thanks go out to the people from for making this review possible
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