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News del 26 Agosto 05 Autore: RostoR
The Bat 3.51 Home and Professional Edition
Si tratta di due nuove versioni per questo apprezzato client di posta elettronica dalle funzioni interessanti oltre agli account, la grafica si possono impostare dei filtri e per molte funzioni è disponibile il drag and drop. Tutte le caratteristiche sviluppate in modo approfondito potete leggerle <a href= target=_blank>QUI</a>. Le versioni precedenti in <a href= target=_blank>Questa localizzazione</a>. Potete scegliere dalla pagina il link preferito fra le due versioni riportate. Products Knowledge Base Download Buy Regional Dealers About Us Main page » Products » The Bat! » Ritlabs news English German Russian News What's new in The Bat! 3.51 07/25/2005 The new version of The Bat!, 3.51, is an improvement of 3.5 in the field of speed, stability and the support of corporate protocols: IMAP and Exchange server via MAPI. We've also improved import procedures of messages and address entries from MS Outlook and Outlook Express. In the new version, you can reply to HTML messages preserving the text formatting of the original letter. When replying to a multipart message, with previous version of The Bat! you could only reply to the main section of a letter. Now you can reply to any particular part of the message. Here is the full list of changes: + Exchange: You can use existing profiles with Exchange Mail Server, just go to Account|Properties|Transport and select "Existing Profile" choice. + Complete integration of setting colour groups on IMAP * US-ASCII charset is now equal to the current windows locale * Pronunciation of Folder fields - Outlook Import Wizard might stop import on particular message and not proceed importing further messages. - Exchange: Message format (Plain or HTML) wasn't' explicitly specified, Exchanges might have added html part to a plain text message. - Exchange: Server could cease connections for The Bat! after a few hours of work - Exchange: Message format (Plain or HTML) wasnt' explicitly specified, Exchanges might have added html part to a plain text message. - MAPI: Fixed memory leaks when sending or receiving messages from Exchange, or when importing Outlook messages. - IMAP: Bug in IMAP parser could cause session hang ups - IMAP: Folder names weren't correctly displayed in Sorting Office - IMAP: Fix of colour group lost on IMAP after nested filter - Fixed multiple question marks in the right part of the About dialog. - Netscape certificate chain might not have been imported - Images were not loading - Ctrl+R in the message list didn't invoke "Reply" - When exporting certificates to a CER file, an option to not export the private key was ignored - Problem with disappearing scroll bar - Extra line breaks in QTs - In the On-The-Fly Encryption mode TBUSER.DEF didn't migrate to TBUSER.EEF - Certificate generation didn't work - Ctrl+F shortcut in the message list didn't work, it should have invoked the message finder - Using QT editor was causing AV on exit - CryptoAPI: CryptoProvider selection drop-down list might have garbage characters in the end of each provider name. - ISO/IEC 8859-13 was not included in the list of available charsets - If edition of The Bat! was configured in the registry, the choice of On-The-Fly encryption was ignored - Double click didn't work in folder selection dialog. - Conversion of headers in the message editor was performed too often - "Jumping header field" problem in the editor should be finally fixed - In TLS and S/MIME internal implementation, some valid certificates might not been parsed correctly because of invalid ASN.1 BER encoding of some values of BOOLEAN and INTEGER data type. - Internal S/MIME implementation didn't honour KeyUsage and ExtKeyUsage ceritificate extensions - In S/MIME internal implementation, import of private keys didn't work. - fReqListCS must be initialized before loading delayed requests (otherwise, we get AV at start) - Address Book: fixes some memory leaks when importing from Outlook Express Contacts. - Problems with detecting character set of a message * 0004723 Character set Automatic Detection was not changing the state of the menu state - 0004912 Replying to HTML in ISO charset was corrupting national chars - 0004676 Active account selection from the Tray menu was not working good - 0004850 No folder maintenance was available when is account name selected - 0003868 Mailbox import window was too narrow - 0004647 String "Auto backup" missing for translation - 0003725 The font of account memo/template didn't suit Chinese - 0004978 Error "No folders selected" appears, when is folder maintenance of password-protected account scheduled and account is protected - 0004723 Invalid RFC822 (2822) mailbox specification error - 0004782 View Message Source was not working right under Win9X - 0004802 Windows Server 2003 is recognized as "Windows NT Clone 5.2" by %WINDOWSPLATFORMNAME macro - 0004841 Blank caption for item "View" in Dispatcher's main menu - 0003830 Shortcut key input box in Sorting Office needed resize for Chinese translation - 0004833 Default account's Charset setting was not working - 0004424 %OAttachments gave mime-encoded filenames in 3.0.9.x (works correctly until - 0004932 Access Violation after saving attachment from embedded message - 0004871 Add address submenu was not working - 0003958 Disk space measures during backup weren't human-friendly - 0004723 Complex names from address fields containing both RFC-special and non-ASCII characters were not enclosed in quotation marks - 0004534 empty (captionless) menu item it the address book - 0004401 Interface: Hint of the string "Plain", "On-The-Fly Pwd" etc. indicating selected OTFE mode in Status line are not available for translation - 0004578 Theme list was not sorted - 0004612 Connection Center Opens in Background when getting new messages from account selected from drop-down menu on the toolbar - 0004720 Priority icons were not drawn in the message list pane - 0004862 Unwanted message copies in temporary directory were left when saving messages into a UNIX mailbox - 0003805 Message Finder: String size "Look in:" is too short - 0003950 The font of labels in backup progress dialog needed adjustment for Chinese translation - 0003600 Internal folder names ($KNOWN$, $JUNK$) in actions in Sorting Office weren't displayed in human-friendly way - 0004734 Using of attachment menu when a preview pane is off caused AV - 0003968 "Use By..." Does Not Show which Folders are Using a View Mode - 0004692 No keyboard accelerator for Specials on main menu - 0004879 Extra TAB required when switching between panes in the main window - 0004972 Attach menu was not updated - 0004839 UTF-8 text was lost when reopening a message editor - 0004977 Forwarding Filter does not work - 0003859 Buttons "Edit/Delete" in Actions and Links tabs are always enabled even no action or link is selected
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