The Bat 2.01.03

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News del 23 Ottobre 03 Autore: Giancarlof
The Bat 2.01.03
The Bat 2.01.03 Client di posta elettronica completo e dotato di funzioni molto interessanti. Consente la gestione di più account e la possibilità di impostare vari filtri. Il tutto è stato sviluppato con una grafica intuitiva e la maggior parte delle funzioni è disponibile in drag and drop. Questo mail client è predisposto per integrare alcune funzionalità di scansione virus nelle email (inviate e ricevute), sfruttando le tecnologie di Kaspersky Antivirus. In questa release sono state implementate nuove funzionalità per meglio supportare le tecnologie PGP; totalmente rivista l'interfaccia di preview dei messaggi Caratteristiche del programma:
  • Essential mail protocols (POP3, IMAP4rev1, SMTP) are supported with their secure layer;
  • Protects your computer from viruses and worms that spread via email;
  • Supports plug-in interface for anti-virus programs to avoid viruses from appearing on your system, running and sending infected files;
  • Comprehensive Anti-spam plug-in interface to keep you protected from unsolicited commercial e-mail;
  • Does not use the Windows address book and Windows-dependent HTML viewer, which have been the targets of many recent attacks;
  • Warns the user before opening suspicious attachments or even blocks them completely;
  • Preview and manage mail on POP server before downloading it using Mail Dispatcher;
  • Fully functional IMAP4rev1 support for on-line, off-line and combined use;
  • Supports unlimited number of accounts and users;
  • Gives the fully customizable message templates that save hours of typing, now with possibility to add user-defined macros using plug-in interface;
  • Powerful filtering system automates message handling;
  • Scheduler notifies about upcoming events, postponed messages and performs other automated tasks;
  • Built-in support of S/MIME and PGP versions from 2.6x through 8 (both clear text and PGP/MIME);
  • HTML mailing;
  • Easily configurable user interface;
  • Unique Mail Ticker™ to notify about new messages;
  • Multi-lingual interface supporting 15 languages "on the fly"(non l'italiano)
  • Import message bases from all major email clients;
  • Many more features for managing email quickly and easily
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Trial 30 giorni € 35 uso personale

Dimensioni: Mb 3.05

OS: Win All

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