Tag and Rename v2.1.6 build 2

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News del 07 Novembre 02 Autore: Steve3000
Tag and Rename v2.1.6 build 2
Build numero 2 per Tag & Rename, programma per editare i nomi, i tag e organizzare i propri MP3. Caratteristiche del software: *§* Rename music files: easily rename files individually or a whole directory of files at a time, preview changes before renaming and undo the last renaming process, rename folder(s) containing your music files, and manually edit files names. *§* Multi-file or manual tag editors: edit tags for multiple or single files, fill-in tag fields using file name. Tag&Rename support both ID3v1 and ID3v2 mp3 tags. *§* Convert ID3v1.1 to ID3v2 tags for all files with one click! *§* Export to CSV wizard can export your music info into any database. *§* CDDB1 support: get tag information for full MP3 albums in seconds via the Internet using freedb.org. *§* allmusic.com support: Tag&Rename can import album information from allmusic.com server and write it to tags. *§* UPPERCASE, lowercase or Capitalize First Letter: convert case or capitalize the first letter of each word for file names or ID3 Tags. Swap ID3 tag fields: you can swap Artist - Title, Album - Title, etc. tag fields with one click. *§* M3u playlists: create m3u playlists using the unique Quick Save Playlist feature. Play music files: listen to your MP3 or VQF files using your favorite music player. *§* Explorer shell extensions: Tag&Rename can be added to the MS Explorer context menu so that you can access T&R faster (mouse right-click) from the MS File Manager. Novità: New features: * fixed problem with using Delete key in main program window * fixed exception on using Address combo box * minor changes
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