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News del 19 Luglio 02 Autore: Fabionapoli
Rilasciato l'aggiornamento a TMPEGEnc Plus, encoder per la conversione dei file AVI ad MPEG1. Le novità:
  • Stop reading MPEG-file with "DirectShow Multimedia File Reader", one of the VFAPI Plug-in which is included in the program.
  • New dedicated VFAPI Plug-in to read MPEG-1 files included. This operates decoder made by MICROSOFT through DirectShow.
  • New dedicated VFAPI Plug-in to read MPEG-2 files included. This operates decoder through DirectShow if one of the following MPEG-2 decoder is installed. * CyberLink * Ligos * Sony
  • At "VFAPI Plug-in" of Environmental setting, "Reset to recommended setting" option added.
  • MPEG setting can be displayed to check even while encoding.
  • At 2 pass VBR encode mode, it displays"Analyzing" while 1st pass (50%).
  • Bug-fix : Could not read TMPGEnc project file as DirectShow source through TMPGEnc.vfp plug-in.
  • Fixed "playback time" when reading MPEG-2 file through Ligos MPEG-2 decoder which is included in DVDit 2.3.
  • Fixed noise on the right/left top corner of screen when using Ghost filter.
  • Bug-fix : Audio part may have disappeared if dealing with more than 3 hours movie.
  • At Project Wizard, if source file is DV format, it always treated as "Bottom field first" without judging field order.
  • Improved bitrate allocation of 2-passVBR mode (old 2pass mode is same as before.)
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