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News del 12 Giugno 02 Autore: Fabionapoli
Rilasciata la versione 2.55 di questo encoder per la conversione dei files AVI in MPEG1.Le novità:
  • Outputs as OpenDML format for AVI file output. The first 2GB part of such file can be recognized by conventional VFW application.
  • At project wizard (4/5), if the capacity exceeds 100% such part of the bar becomes red.
  • Bug fix : at source range, if after 32767 frame is displayed, mouse wheel could not be used.
  • Bug fix : at preview of clip frame setting, always resized with interlace if output horizontal resolution is larger than 480.
  • Improved seek speed on loading AVI file
  • Bug fix : at cut editing of source range setting, the actual amount of audio gap correction was doubled.
  • At MPEG setting, if system stream format was changed, the aspect ratio of video stream was not converted correctly. Data dell'aggiornamento 11/06/2002
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