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News del 29 Maggio 04 Autore: SonOfTheStage
Sylpheed è un client email molto leggero scritto con le librerie GTK+ (le stesse di Gnome e di The Gimp). Cambi dalla versione precedente: The spring-loaded folder has been implemented for the folder view. A function to filter selected messages has been added. Always move messages by default when using DnD (copy if Ctrl key is pressed). On filtering, the matching algorithm of 'not contain' flag has been fixed. NNTP servers that require authentication at the beginning of the session has been supported. The method of updating the progress dialog has been modified. The context menu on the summary view has been cleaned up. The image viewer has been fixed. The cache handling has been fixed for AMD64 and other 64-bit platforms. The SMTP routine has been fixed to fully comply with RFC 2821.
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Categoria: Linux

Licenza: Opensource / GPL

OS: Linux

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