SubRip 1.40 Beta 2

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News del 15 Settembre 05 Autore: Vlad
SubRip 1.40 Beta 2
Programma standalone in grado di estrarre dai nostri dvd, leggendo il file .IFO, i sottotitoli in formato testo, avvalendosi della tecnologia OCR.Nuove Features:
  • support for extracting subtitles from video files.
  • support for saving recognized subtitles as bitmaps for later removal.
  • "extend left and right" for disjoint characters.
  • fill character matrix from a manually matched font.
  • "best guess so far" functionality.
  • Zuggy has solved the P4 crash problem.Changes in SubRip 1.40 beta 2:
  • Large GUI overhaul and bugfixes.
  • Implemented a way to fill a char matrix with entire UniCode subranges.
  • Implemented opening bitmap sequences that DVDSupDecode outputs from converting DVB-T broadcasts saved as .sup by ProjectX.
  • Made Modify and Delete work faster for characters in the Char Matrix (Beta 1).
  • Fixed a few bugs and added an option to automatically fill the best guess.
  • Updated with new Portuguese language by Vítor Vieira. (Beta 2).L'ultima versione stabile 1.20
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    Licenza: Freeware

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