StrokesPlus 2.8.1

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News del 27 Gennaio 14 Autore: Desktop
StrokesPlus 2.8.1
StrokesPlus è un software di riconoscimento delle gesture del mouse completamente gratuito per Windows che permette di creare gesture potenti che consentono di risparmiare tempo nel compiere operazioni ricorrenti.


- Added acRelayGesture to relay/inject the last drawn gesture, this is only supported when a mouse button is the Stroke Button (not Control, Alt, etc.), no modifiers are relayed
- Added option Relay Gesture on No Match* which will (only for mouse based stroke buttons) replay the original mouse down, mouse movements, and mouse up sequence if there was no match
- This only replays for basic gestures, not actions with mouse wheel firing enabled nor does it replay with modifiers
- The purpose of this feature is to allow a simple gesture (right click hold) to pass through to the current window if no match in S+ was found
- If you have a Global Action which uses the same gesture you want a certain app to be passed to, define an action for that app with the desired gesture and call acRelayGesture() in the Lua script
- Update language.xml to include language.Preferences.AdvancedOptionsFrame.RelayGestureOnNoMatch (default: Relay Gesture on No Match*)
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Free

Dimensioni: 2.7 MB

OS: Windows

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