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Spyware Terminator
Aggiorno questo programma interessante che, come dice il nome, ha un'azione orientata a combattere l'ondata di spyware che infestano la rete. La protezione è contro spyware, adware, keyloggers, trojans, hijackers ed altri malware. La scansione in background è soltanto per sistemi moderni ossia da Windows 2000, Windows XP. Molto facile da usare ed abbastanza veloce, la protezione in tempo reale ci permette di conservare e preservare le informazioni personali, arresta i pericoli prima che si installino con un database aggiornato in continuazione:ScanningFast Scan - Checks all important parts of your system (Processes, Libraries, Services, BHO, Toolbars, WinSock2, Startups registry, Uninstallers, Start menu, Desktop, Favorites, Cookies,...) Full Scan - Thoroughly checks Memory, Registry, Drive scans, NTFS ADS (optional), and scans for viruses using the ClamAV. Customized Scan - Allows the user to specify which parts of the system are supposed to be checked. Scheduled Scan - The user can schedule when the scan will start automatically. System Report - When the scan is finished, the user can see a report, including detailed information about the state of system. Antivirus Integration - Spyware Terminator allows users to integrate an open-source antivirus program, ClamAV, in order to extend the ability to detect malicious programs both during the scan and within the Real-time Shield. Updates of the antivirus database are downloaded automatically with Spyware Terminator updates. CleaningEffective Removal - Removes threats effectively using the Spyware Terminator driver. On Boot Remover - Removes blocked files when the operating system boots. Quarantine - Allows the user to move potentially harmful items to special storage, and restore the original state when the user finds out that the item is safe. Real-time ProtectionReal-time Protection constantly guards your system and ensures that spyware programs can be intercepted and disabled before they are installed, helping to prevent potential security breaches before a spyware program can run. In some versions it uses the antivirus application ClamAV to prevent virus infection. HIPS - Spyware Terminator HIPS protects user’s computer from running unknown applications that can infiltrate your system through security holes within the system or any used application. During the Full Scan, Spyware Terminator creates a database of executable files of local disks. When this database is created and the HIPS function is active, any attempt of an unknown application or library to install is analyzed by the Real-time Shield. If the Real-time Shield cannot determine that it is a safe application, it displays a warning. The system of "automatic decision" will be perfected in upcoming versions that will minimize the user’s need to decide whether the installation should be allowed or not and maximize the security. For example, monitoring activities of unknown applications will be extended, and the ability to restore the system to its original state will be preserved. Predefined Profiles - Allow you to quickly configure Real-time Protection depending on the type of user. Allows full control and modification of important system parts such as Startup items, Services, Hosts, BHO. Powerful FunctionsComputer Restoration - The user can restore the computer state to an earlier time, or to the default system settings File Analysis - The File Analysis utility allows users to send an unknown file (possible spyware) to our Crawler Spyware Central for deep analysis. Our experts analyze received files and then add them to our software database. The next time the user downloads updates that include analyzed file data, they will be able to remove the suspect file. Locked File Removal - Spyware Terminator allows you to also remove files that cannot be removed using standard methods because they are locked by an application. Multilanguage SupportWe are striving to make Spyware Terminator accessible for non-English speaking users. Currently we are offering Spyware Terminator in English, Italian, Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, and Serbian versions. If you would like to help us translate Spyware Terminator into your language, visit our FAQ section to learn how to proceed. UpdateManual Update - Gives the user the opportunity to choose when he/she wants to download updates, and avoids downloading them when he/she needs to use the Internet connection for another activities. Automatic Update - Automatically checks for and downloads new updates, keeping the spyware database and program files current. Significant reduction of update files size - Only new files are downloaded instead of the whole update package. Ability to change the frequency with which the program checks for new updates. Ability to update spyware database only. Regular Spyware Database Update - The number of dangerous spyware threats rises everyday. Our team of experts keep pace with spyware developers and respond quickly to new threats. We continuously analyze these new threats and daily extend our anti-spyware database so that you can effectively protec
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