SpyBot Search and Destroy 1.4 R C beta

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News del 16 Aprile 05 Autore: RostoR
SpyBot Search and Destroy 1.4 R C beta
Rilasciata questa nuova versione 1.4R C beta di SpyBot-Search and Destroy. Il programma viene descritto in <a href= target=_blank>questa news</a> Latest Changes: * Added Opera folder profile directory * Fixed default value handling in registry entry recovery * Fixed always opening on settings page * Fixed localization of IncludeServices checkbox * Fixed status bar text after SysInternals scan * Fixed Host Redirect fix result for duplicates * Fixed another selection bug * Added Save/Load View Report settings * Improved proxy handling to allow @'s in username * Protection of exclude lists against tampering * Main app now can detect changes to itself * New /unimmunize CLP * Updated system startup database usage * Made settings password dialog to masked * Changed Immunization to use encrypted Programma in italiano.
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Categoria: Sicurezza

Licenza: FReeware

Dimensioni: Mb 4.72

OS: Win All

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