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News del 01 Settembre 03 Autore: Giancarlof
Spy Sweeper 2.1 è un prodotto delle stessa Software House che produce Accelerate e Windows Washer e dovrebbe difenderci dalla crescita costante dei pericoli che minacciano il nostro privato. La presenza e l'incidenza giornaliera di Trojan Horses, System Monitors/Keyloggers, Dialers, Adware Cookies giustificano abbondantemente il costante aumento della presentazione di questo genere di programmi che viene incontro a questa esigenza di protezione che può, in certe circostanze, diventare necessaria. Questo programma ci protegge dalla maggioranza dei pericoli insiti nelle nostra navigazione: How does Spy Sweeper protect you from spyware
  • Spy Sweeper scans your entire system using a database of thousands of known spyware threats.
  • Spy Sweeper owners receive seamless updates to new spyware definitions to ensure ongoing protection from new threats, which emerge daily.
  • Spy Sweeper quarantines any files or file traces that match the threat database. Quarantining disables spyware functionality for immediate protection, while giving you the option to review and permanently delete suspect files or safely restore them if they are essential to the operation of desirable applications.
  • Spy Sweeper actively monitors and protects your system memory, home page and new cookie additions to provide proactive safeguards.
  • Powerful Detection, Quarantine and Deletion
  • Spy Sweeper protects you with a sophisticated database of spyware definitions, the power to disable spyware, and the knowledge you need to analyze your risks. Disable and store spyware in a safe place on your system until you decide whether or not to remove them permanently. This unique approach lets you manage spyware without harming other programs on your computer.
  • Spy Sweeper Knowledge Base
  • Right-click on a specific spy in the Quarantined, Always Keep, or Always Remove screens for instant access to the Spy Sweeper knowledge base. Now you have the knowledge to decide what programs you want running on your computer including: *the category of spyware (adware, keylogger, Trojan, etc.) program capabilities *methods of infection (freeware download, drive-by download, third-party installation, etc.) *risk analysis *recommended action Simple and Easy-to-use
  • One-click starts sweeping for covert spyware on your system, providing powerful protection to novice and power users alike. Active Shields
  • Real-time protection notifies you when spies attempt to run in memory, while adware cookie-blocking and homepage protection ensure that your browsing sessions are protected from spyware while you are online. Spyware Management Tools
  • Spy Sweeper eliminates the need to research a spy more than once. Anytime a piece of spyware is found on your system, it can be added to the 'Always Keep' or 'Always Remove' list. Time-saving custom configuration options
  • Spy Sweeper can skip files larger than a user-defined size. *User can opt out of performing a memory scan. *User can opt out of performing a registry scan. *Spy Sweeper can sweep all folders or only those identified as known spy folders on a drive. Enterprise support
  • Support for network and removable drives offer network administrators the ability to control spyware across the network. Scan Progress Bars
  • Progress bars clearly illustrate where you are in the sweeping process and how much time remains before your sweep is complete. Smart Sweepers and Smart Definitions
  • Smart Sweepers and Smart Definitions allow Spy Sweeper to adapt to rapidly morphing spies on the fly - offering you more timely anti-spyware protection. Auto removal from Run Registry entries
  • Spy Sweeper automatically scans all the Run registry entries looking for a reference to a spy that was found. Flexible removal timing
  • Spy Sweeper adapts to the sophistication of a spy and determines the best time to remove them - offering a powerful tool against tough spies that can only be removed from the hard drive during a system reboot.
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: trial ( 29.95 )

Dimensioni: Mb 1.33

OS: Win All

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