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News del 31 Agosto 02 Autore: Alberto
Nuova versione per questo plugin per Winamp che permette di visualizzare, durante l'ascolto della musica, effetti basati sulla dinamica dei fluidi. Ecco le modifiche:-ported old code to VMS (the winnamp "visualization MEGA sdk") -> now requires DX8. -> now has fantastic support for multimon -> now has fantastic audio response -added edge-darkening, so that the screen won't usually be completely filled will color; there should always be some black background in there -ravamped gridsize recalculation system & timing -made the turbulence randomly vary a bit, over time -at startup, or after hitting 'G', the gridsize will now try to re-optimize, for 3 seconds each (with a 1-second break in between), up to 5 times, or until the target fps is acheived satisfactorily; whichever comes first. -now, if during runtime, the fps is too high or too low (by > 10%) for a solid 8 seconds, it will automatically resize the grid. -reduced default buoyancy by 5% -config panel: disabled particle settings when 'disable particles' checked -fixed a tiny memory leak in the fluid sim -tweaked audio analysis that softer sounds (during quiet songs) will be more likely to produce bursts of smoke. Il plugin richiede: * Scheda video con semplice supporto 3D * DirectX 7.0a o successive * Winamp 2.72 o successivo * Raccomandato: Processore a 500+ MHz (più veloce è, migliori saranno i risultati)Versione: 1.06 Data: 28/08/2002 Dimensione: 169 Kb Licenza: Freeware Compatibile: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/NT
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