SmartFTP 6.0.2020.0

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News del 20 Maggio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
SmartFTP 6.0.2020.0
SmartFTP é un client FTP (File Transfer Protocol) che permette di trasferire file tra un computer locale ed un server su Internet.

Le sue molte funzioni di base ed avanzate fanno di SmartFTP un potente strumento, che offre trasferimenti sicuri, affidabili ed efficienti.

Note di riascio:

User Interface
New ribbon interface
High dpi support for 125%, 150% and 200% dpi
Replaced all toolbar bitmaps with multi-resolution icons
Added support for mouse over scrolling

Remote Browser
Connection sharing between Remote Browser and Transfer Queue
Removed connect/reconnect/disconnect buttons and functionality
The root folder / is now handled like any other file folder
Unified search implementation/interface

Text Editor
Added clipboard ring
Dynamic styling is now done when the main thread is idle
New quick find & replace
New indicator bar which shows annotations, search highlights and spelling errors on the right side of the scrollbar
A progress indicator is shown during lexing/highlighting
The number of selected characters and lines is now displayed in the statusbar
Support for Microsoft spellchecker with auto correction
Added support for code preview. Enable it in the settings.
Added Visual Compare of 2 documents
Added the ability to add column markers to the ruler bar

Unified search implementation (Removed legacy search implementation)
Replaced CryptoAPI with CNG
Replaced custom task dialog implementation with native implementation
Transfer filters use Canonical Advanced Query Syntax (AQS)

Removed all Windows XP specific code and workarounds
Removed Rapidshare

System Requirement: Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 8, Windows 2012 (R2), Windows 8.1
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Trial

Dimensioni: 18.6 MB

OS: Windows

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