SmartFTP 4.0.1102.0

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News del 02 Maggio 10 Autore: Gianplugged
SmartFTP 4.0.1102.0
SmartFTP é un client FTP che permette di trasferire file tra un computer locale ed un server su Internet.


* FTP: Support for virtual FTP hosts: FEAT command can now be sent before login to support HOST command.
* Transfer Queue: New children are now always added right after the the last existing child.
* Terminal: New custom defined commands.
* FTP/SFTP: New buffered file write.
* Browser: Tree control can now reuse enumerated objects in shellview
* Fix: Terminal: Crash after the terminal has been resized with certain terminal emulations
* Fix: Remote Browser: Reconnect button was not always enabled
* Fix: Local Browser: Windows XP: Drag&Drop from shellview to tree control.
* Fix: Local Browser: Open command now opens a new Local Browser.
* Fix: Refactor: Asynchronous events can no longer cause memory leaks.
* Fix: Browser: Travel log
* Compiled with Visual Studio 2010 RTM.
* Favorites: Added "Overwrite Files & Merge Folders" to file exist action.
* Editor: Added expand/collapse all folding to View->Folding menu.
* Custom Commands: Rewrite of back- and frontend
* FTP/FTPS: Added additional buffer for receive.
* Regression: TLS: If client certificate cannot be found, no client certificate will be used.
* Fix: SSH: Socket disconnect was not correctly handled.
* Internal Refactoring: Replaced CAutoPtr, CAutoVectorPtr with std::unique_ptr, boost::scoped_ptr, boost::scoped_array
* Terminal: Window title now uses the remote window title submitted by the terminal.
* Browser: Windows XP: Workaround for Windows XP bug (API returns wrong file size) that manifested itself in the Visual Compare feature.
* Fix: Transfer Queue: Remove finished items was no longer working.
* Fix: SSH: Timeout did never happen.
* Toolbars can no longer be moved to the bottom.
* Closing a tab doesn´t require the tab to be focused first
* Fix: Terminal: Text was inserted at the beginning of the row instead at a new line
* Fix: Transfer Queue: Error when selecting a script in the transfer queue item properties dialog
* Fix: Transfer Queue: Dependencies were not created under some circumstances
* FTP: Completely rewrote SSL layer
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OS: Windows

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