SmartFTP 4.0.1072.0

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News del 29 Novembre 09 Autore: Gianplugged
SmartFTP 4.0.1072.0
SmartFTP é un client FTP che permette di trasferire file tra un computer locale ed un server su Internet.


- Windows 7: Added History Jump List
- Favorites: Added new [x] Synchronize Navigation setting to Local dialog
- Remote Browser: Updated Properties dialog
- FTP: Disabled STAT for Humax i-CORD because their STAT implementation is broken
- Fix: Transfer Queue: Monitor failed to work after all the monitored items have been manually removed
- Added simple DDE server
- Preview pane displays link to Source Preview Handler
- Fix: FTP: Regression in GetFileSize()
- FTP: Improved STAT parsing
- Remote Browser: The [x] Remove VMS file version for files and folders option also works for SFTP connections now
- Fix: Favorites: Move "Ignore Error" option General->Transfer dialog and renamed it to "Skip Post Transfer Check".
- Updated Transfer Engine
- Remote Browser: Copying files on same server now possible if server supports it (proftpd mod_sftp)
- Remote Browser: Added Storage page to Properties dialog. It shows the free/used space on servers supporting it (e.g. OpenSSH 5.1+, Serv-U, proftpd mod_sftp)
- Remote Browser: VMS: Remove version from file/folder option now applies to folders as well
- Fix: FTP: Regression: AVBL did not return
- Fix: Multi Upload: Regression: Adding of multiple favorites failed
- Fix: Multi Upload: Regression: Removing items from the destination failed
- Fix: Transfer Queue: Regression: Crash when items are moved from Temporary Queue while Queue was running
- Fix: Transfer Queue: Regression: Synchronize with Delete for uploads was broken
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OS: Windows

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