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News del 19 Dicembre 03 Autore: Alberto
SlimBrowser 3.87
Torno a recensire dopo qualche tempo questo browser che utilizza il motore di IE, ma gestisce in modo diverso la navigazione e prevede delle configurazioni avanzate rispetto a quelle di IE originale.Features:
  • Multiple site browser based on tab-page interface
  • Recoverable Popup Killer based on intelligent identification and pre-defined filtering
  • Site windows killed by mistake are FULLY RECOVERABLE
  • Convenient access to major search engines by Quick-Search Bar
  • Hidden Sites : hide and show a site at users' request
  • Fully automatic Form Filler
  • Skinned window frame.
  • Free-zooming of any web page.
  • AutoLogin: automatically connect and log into specified website with just one click.
  • Seamless integration with online translation engine and dictionaries
  • Ability to suppress script error message dialog
  • Site Group: Open and save a collection of sites as a group
  • Seamless integration of the power of Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer
  • Access remote and local resource (http, https, ftp, local files) in a uniform interface.
  • Flexible control of startup actions
  • URL Alias: Type short alias instead long URL.
What's New in V3.87:
  • Now you can sort groups, quicksearch engines and autologin entries all in the favorites left pane.
  • Revised autologin storage system "autologin.ini" will be converted into the autologin entries under "Application DataSlimBrowserAutoLogin". Autologin now supports creating sub-folders.
  • The following files or folders will be moved automatically during upgrade. You don't have to do so manually:
    • Move "Groups" folder into "Application DataSlimBrowserGroups".
    • Move "Alias.txt" to "Applicaton DataSlimBrowseralias.ini"
  • Add favorites tool bar (Not the same as the favorites side pane, but has the same style as the links bar) on which favorite items are shown
  • Add utilities toolbar on which you put shortcut to external utilities
  • Add option to filter in-page standard size banner ads
  • It's available in the "In-Page Ad-Filter" page of the options dialog.
  • All the in-page ad-filter options are also available from the "Download Control" drop-down toolbar button.
  • Bug fix: you can now drag URL to links bar even if it's empty.
  • Add "Filter Current Page Now" under "tools->download control" menu, also available from "Download Control" drop-down toolbar button. In this way, you can apply the AD filter manually whenever necessary. La traduzione in italiano è compresa nel setup del programma
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    Categoria: Windows

    Licenza: Freeware

    Dimensioni: 1,3 Mb

    OS: Win 9x/ME/2000/2003/NT/XP

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