Slim Browser 7.0 Build 95

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News del 13 Maggio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Slim Browser 7.0 Build 95
Nuova versione di questo browser internet basato sul motore di Internet Explorer

Note di rilascio:

For detailed changes in each build, please read the detailed changed log in the forum. If you would like to understand more about the new features in V7.0, please read Introduction to SlimBrowser 7.0.

Major Changes:

Improved process model to prevent SlimBrowser from freezing or hanging after prelonged use in a single session.
Redesigned ad blocker to support ad blocker plus filter rules.
Improved Photo Salon:
Allow users to select a portion of the input photo for final output image.
Added photo paper effect for opaque photo frames.
Added support for signature image.
Allow users to tilt photos randomly when combining multiple photos.
Allow some photo frames to be used for both landscape and portrait photos.
Redesigned tabs page:
Configurable number of rows and columns.
Configurable background color or image.
Resize quick-dial buttons based on the current window size.
Added better support to use the original address bar as search bar as well (i.e., Omni-bar).
Redesigned address bar drop down suggestion list to show matching items from history, favorites, forms, groups as well as search suggestions provided by the current search engine. All the keywords will be matched separately if multiple keywords are typed into the address bar.
Switched to new weather data source with better accuracy, separate day and night weather, and 7-day forecast.
Added support for mouse dragging gesture for back/forward navigation (Drag left or right while holding right button to navigate back or forward).

Minor Changes:

Disable playing of gif animations by default.
Bug fix: Allow control+F to invoke the find dialog in script pad.
Added support for IE 10 compatible view list. Updated IE9 compatible view list
Added built-in support for “Pin It” operation for
Allow users to directly edit form files that show up in the address bar suggestion list. Allow users to delete urls from the entire domain for urls that show up in the address bar suggestion list.
Allow users to view the preferred password in identities protected by master password.
Added “Upload Clipboard Image” button in upload file dialog.
Added support for custom zoom percentage.
Added option to hide the title bar when the main window is maximized in order to save screen space for small monitors.
Added menu View->View DOM Source to help developers view the dynamic DOM structure.
Added support for settings backup and restoration under menu “Tools:Back & Restore”.
Remember javascript settings on a per-domain basis (Similar what´s offered by the NoScript add-on)
Use a new smaller icon for the mini menu button.
Added menu Window->Go to Last Active Tab and shortcuts key Ctrl+Q so that users can toggle between two tabs back and forth easily with keyboard.
Allow users to use saved form or site group on quickdial buttons on tabs page.
Added drop down menu to show the quickdial sites on the new tab(+) button.
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 3.38 MB

OS: Windows

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